Sunday, September 7, 2008


well, as far as blogging is concerned. Maybe in a rut at home too. Who knows. After a quiet, soul searching summer, I was looking forward to back to work. Somehow, I thought going back to work would put things back in place. Some familiarity to the day, one would think. And it did. Work is the same, most days fun with a bit of stress and frustration to keep it from being mundane. And maybe it is too early to tell, but going back to work has only brought back the "beat to a snot" feeling at the end of the day. This weekend was rejuvenating in that respect, filling my day with nothing really important and taking time to relax too. But the mental energy I was hoping to regain is yet to surface.

I had the utmost pleasure of getting a tour of a young mom's home, when Linda and I picked up her two children for a trip to Avery's for ice cream. This young family consists of a young single mom of two, who lives on Social Assistance, and has had the uplifting experience of moving out of a disgusting hell hole, into a bigger ground floor apt, with new carpet and kitchen floors. It has 3 bedrooms and heat included in the rent, as well as room for her washer and dryer. She was so proud of her new apt, and the kids were high on excitement to show us all their belongings and there very own rooms. The young boy was thrilled and proud to show us the box of hot wheels cars he owned and his sponge bob bedroom ensemble. His older sister showed me her great big room with her mountains of clothes. Each room had minimal furniture, no wall hangings, pictures or knick knacks. Just a bed and broken dressers in each room. This young mom is doing the absolute best she can, and is 4 steps above what she was raised in. This move did more for mom than the kids, filling her with pride in her home, the feeling of taking good care of her kids, and it was easy to see her lifted spirits in how she is taking care of herself now. Being invited in to their home was definitely the highlight of my weekend, and the shared ice cream later on with her two kids was second best!


GailM. said...

It's hard for some mom's, isn't it.. I'm glad you went for ice cream... that must have been fun.

Today is a rainy day... I'm feeling tired too but I know it's just the rain.

cpm said...

OMG! You are the kindest sweetest soul ever! I am so lucky to be friends with you! xoxo

SAM said...

ummm dont be in a blog rut. I love reading your blogs tooo much for you to be in a RUT!!

Anonymous said...

You are the best. No matter who is down and out, you are always there to help. I thought I was having a bad week, but you know...not now, someone is always in a more needy state.....I feel better just reading your Blog.....really proud to be one of your many friends. Luv Ya... The Diamondtologist...sure wish you had given me a shorter is a lot of letters to type!!!!