Wednesday, September 17, 2008

6.2 lbs

yup.... 6.2 lbs so far in weight loss. ummm, Ok, so, not me, ok....I mean the dog!

Mollie... is struggling a bit with arthritis and is over weight... so Dr. Sarah said.... she needs to take some off! So August 1st, we changed her diet and we added some magic powder to each supper to help her hips and she is springing in each step now. She has lost 6.2 lbs in 6 weeks. She lost a lot at first because she just wouldn't eat. Are you kidding... it was like horse pellets... LOTS of fibre and not very tasty. But we added some soft food at supper, and it seemed to go down better. These past few weeks, she is eating it pretty happily because I think she is pretty hungry. I think with the hip meds, and the 6 lbs off, she is feeling better and she is looking a bit better too.

She had a ball at Keji, mostly because Jilly was there.. her second and better MOM. She walked, swam and ate like she was not on a diet....... right off the fork... sausage, french toast... etc. What fun for her. I was pretty worried because she is sort of a scaredy dog... afraid of the dark, and bugs, and is not the best behaved around other animals. But, she was excellent, just the odd bark when another dog would walk by. Most of the dogs who walked by were wearing raincoats (since it rained all weekend) so it could have been just Mollie giving her opinion on how stupid they looked in rainwear! Such a snobby dog, my Mollie is!


Heather said...

My Brother has 2 Jack Russel's and they are both "supposed" to be on a diet, they look like stuffed sausages! You can email me at
The Pie Plate is ceramic bakeware, so it can be cooked in and served in,you can actually freeze in it too if that makes sense. I am sure any dish would do!

SAM said...

hahahah dogs in rain dogs would mock seeing other canines in jackets's great that she is losing weight....she will feel much better once the weight is off. My dog Angel was 85 lbs when I got her last year...she was grossly overweight it was horrible....she's down to 71 now and you can tell she feels great!! She springs around the yard now!

ancient one said...

I've yet to see a dog in a raincoat, but I'd probably be like Mollie, and have to make a comment..LOL

My husband tends to over feed all our animals. I once had someone tell me that she should call the humane society because the pony was so fat... I thought she was kidding...

I love the way you write. Such a fun post!