Thursday, September 11, 2008

Random Notes

Back in to some sort of routine.... kind of nice actually.

Some cute quotes from school... a little fellow wanted to call home because he didn't feel well. When I enquired what his ailment might have been, he said he thought he might be in a "Growth Spurt". Words directly from his mom don't ya think?

I have a "Follower". How cool is that. Ann the Ancient One figured out how to be a follower and it shows up on my blog... hee hee ..... Well, I am a Queen, and even though I don't have my own country... I have a follower. Thanks Ann for making my day.

I am camping this weekend.. with the Paynes and the Griffs. Bring the kayaks.... maybe the bikes....the dice for sure. we have already planned who's cooking which meal, and the rules still stand in my rule book that the kids do the dishes so Meliegha and her friend better bring rubber gloves since they will be the only "kids" there... heeeeeeee hhahahhaaaaaa

There are changes coming to my house. My bathroom was built along with my house in the 1970's. Its tub, sink, floor and counter are that Sea Foam color from the 70's. I have never liked this color but just couldn't ever afford to change all the big pieces in the throne room. But... like bell bottoms and platform shoes, apparently "Sea Foam" is back in. So, my friend Paula has come to spend time in my bathroom, with plans to give it a face lift. She has come twice, and is now on a little vacation in the USA and she has my bathroom in her mind. She is excited and so am I. She is a natural at these things, and last year she told me that my bathroom colors were coming back in, so now she is going to "modernize" without changing all those colors! below is the before pic. After paint, and a few changes, and additions, I will post the new and bearable bathroom!


GailM. said...

I can't wait to see the new bathroom.

GailM. said...

and I'm now one of your followers too!!

Jacklyn Craft said...

I'm looking forward to the bathroom changes too.

And YES... You can add me to your list since I've already taken the liberty of adding you to mine.

ancient one said...

I think I did the following thing by mistake, but I do have several that I'm following..and I've seen that I have a few followers too...I've been following you for a long time... before Blogger even had that feature...LOL

Anonymous said...

I love your bathroom now! The best part is all the 'big' pieces are in great condition and therefore re-usable (aka CHEAP! like me) sheeesh sheesh sheesh KofO