Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday... my favorite day

Have I mentioned that. Well, it started with breakfast made by Terry... eggs, bacon and toast.. yum. I think he remembered how yummy Mel and Jill's breakfast was last week and decided we can try to do as well at home. Not quite as good, but close.

This time last week, we had already been through several drizzly hours of camping, but this weekend, when we are home, its sunny and somewhat warm. We had a kayaking afternoon planned for today, and while Terry poured over the google maps trying to decide which adventure we would traverse, my friend Linda and I worked on a bedroom project as a surprise for her teen daughter when she gets home tomorrow from a weekend with her dad. We bought some bright colored fleeces and cut, measured, pinned, cut and tied some funky pillows for her daybed, and with new bedspreads and pillows in bright pink and purple, it will be the coolest teen bedroom, fit for several girls sleepovers.

This afternoon Terry and I went off to McGill lake and set sail for the far end of the lake where there is a channel or creek (hard to tell from Google Earth) and see if we could maneuver into the BIG MOLLY LAKE...

Well, the wind was high, the waves were too, and we paddled against the wind and the waves for 45 minutes, until we could hear the roar of either the wind, a road or a WATERFALL.
we weaved in amongst the old tree trunks, around large rocks and finally around a sharp turn in the river/brook and tata da... a sweet little waterfall. Nothing really big but big enough that we couldn't really go on. It was very fast moving and had about a foots drop and we were on the lower end. We would have to go UP the little falls... not likely, and we couldn't really portage, as it was very rocky... so we sat for a bit, in the still waters and took a couple of pictures and then road the wind and waves back down the lake. easy paddling back, that's for sure. Everything is still pretty green, but there was a crispness to the air. It feels like fall. Our next trip out won't be for a few weeks and I bet there will be a big difference in the colors by then. This lake was originally a river and about 50 years ago, they damned up a bunch of rivers and make a chain of lakes which is part of the Shannon river channel. These all link up to the Nictaux River and falls. Its all very intriguing to see how they are all connected. The scenery is amazing and the lakes are full of dead trees coming out of the water near the shore line.

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GailM. said...

What a fun sewing project. The kayaking looks peaceful. I was thinking that about the colors too today. I thought there'd be more changes here... since we saw the first signs of change over a month ago..