Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone

This is the first year I have ever felt NOT ready for Xmas. I have lots of excuses, but in the end, when Terry and I played Santa at midnight (after our 20+year olds went to bed) and brought the gifts out from hiding and piled them under the tree, it truly felt like Santa snuck in the house and piled things under the tree and into the stockings. By 1am, the little last minute wrapping was done, the stockings were stuffed and the tree was evenly loaded with boxes, wrapped in a rainbow of Xmas papers. My sleep was interrupted several times with dreams of kids not wanting what they got, tantrums and sulking. This has NEVER happened in all my Xmas's but for some reason, I wasn't very confident in my choice of gifts for my kids. The morning came, with rain and a warm wind. I sat in the quiet, with the tree lights twinkling, a cup of coffee and MSN. An early morning chat with my sister in law, and also with Paula before the Christmas morning mayhem began.

But before I talk about Xmas morning, I need to do a little Christmas eve recap.

Every year we seem to have an extra one or two friends who share Christmas morning with us, for one reason or the other. Every year, we have Corey, whose parents are in Ontario and since he spent a week there close to Thanksgiving for his brother's wedding, he couldn't afford the time off to go back. This year, for the FIRST TIME EVER, we had Scott here for Xmas morning. In 7 years of Scott and Michelle being a couple, we have had Scott for meals and whole weeks over the holidays, but he has always been at his own home for Xmas eve and day. Last year, Michelle went to Scotts' parents in Winnipeg for Xmas and this year Scott spent his Xmas with us. A part of me was thrilled for all of us to share Xmas with him, and the other part of me was heartbroken for his parents who spent Xmas without him. We, as parents, have to adjust each Xmas to what ever is happening around us... with kids in university or in careers, we just never know where they will be. Last year was our first Xmas without Michelle, and although it was a nice day, it felt somewhat solemn, with only one child home. Not even Corey was here. I can only imagine how weird the day felt for Scott's family, as Scott is their only. We chatted today about how fun it would be if we all spent Xmas together, in the near future, maybe in Ottawa, when his folks get posted there... sounds like a great idea... so make room for us Kelly! (In a couple of years!)
Ok, that was long winded.. but the point was, this year, we got to share in a Matheson family tradition of Christmas Eve fondue! Scott was the chef and Terry and I were his sous chefs. We chopped veggies, pimento, onions, almonds... sirloin roast.. Scott made this incredible sauce which started with Hollandaise sauce and then all this yummy stuff was added afterwards.. Sadly, we got so excited to eat, we didn't take one darn picture! the Menu was Beef and large shrimp to cook in the fondue, with fries, Caesar Salad (with Scott's homemade dressing) and the hollandaise sauce. We ate for over an hour and no one had room for dessert... oh my it was yummy, and we toasted Scott's parents who were also having fondue in Winnipeg at about the same time as we were. Our evening was quiet, with lots of talk of traditions, family and past Xmas highlights. Now, my Sandra put together a really fun basket for Steph & Mick, of funny letters, numbered packages with fun and kookie gifts. Since Sandra's family spent Xmas eve opening their gifts this year, due to some Christmas day travelling, we decided it was appropriate for the girls to open their fun basket from Sandra on Christmas eve. The basket had lots of kitchen aids like measuring cups, AMAZING can openers, recipe books, pizza cutter, wine and even a lady bug clip and some chocolate. It was fun to open and heartwarming to know that in her busy life, she found time to put together such a fun and thoughtful basket for two girls who are learning to live on their own in their own apts!

Thank you Sandra, your the greatest.. you really are.! Christmas Day is not over yet, therefore, I will blog it tomorrow... but for now, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night!
OK, Laura... your turn!


tdp said...

Sounds like you have been having a wonderful Christmas! Hope the new year brings you even more love, laughter and happiness :)

mvm said...

Merry Christmas Donna! Love reading your Christmas blog, for some reason I want to eat now...
All the best in 2009!!

cpm said...

Merry Christmas my friend! Great picture of Corey...he looks fantastic. He is so lucky to have you ( I am too!!!) Your girls look gorgeous as well. I'm glad your Christmas was so wonderful! Miss you!