Saturday, May 2, 2009

St. Francis Xavier University Blessing of the Grads

Michelle and Scott, and all their friends and fellow grads attended a beautiful 2 hour ceremony tonight (Saturday) at the St. Ninian's Cathedral. Graduation is tomorrow afternoon. We are on the road early tomorrow to catch up with them in New Glasgow along with Scott's mom and Dad who flew here from Winnipeg to be apart of their day. Scott sent this picture from the ceremony and I thought I needed to share it. Pat Connors, Scotts best friend, and first year roommate, presented a speech at this ceremony. Michelle said it was really nice and the ceremony was amazing to be apart of.


cpm said...

I'm so excited for your family! BIG weekend for all of you! You must be so proud!
Safe travels to the 'Nish!
Congratulations Mick and Scott!

ancient one said...

Congratulations to the Graduates!!

GailM. said...

I was thinking about you guys all afternoon. How quick these university years have flown by. Best of luck to Scott and Michelle with your futures.