Saturday, January 2, 2010

Snowed In

And loving it.
This snow started yesterday late in the day, and its still snowing. We are expecting tons more tonight and high winds tonight as well. I have a few friends who are traveling home this weekend from Christmas's away. Ugh... a driving family from Fogo Island, and they are currently driving across Newfoundland, with good roads, heading to the ferry to NS. ... a family coming from Florida by air.... and another couple from somewhere south USA..... I expect they will all have delays....

For me, I am happy to be snuggled in the house with 3 cats, 1 dog and Terry. Terry shoveled for an hour and then headed to the grocery store for the few little necessities we needed (Cat food, bread and yogurt!). He is home and reported that the roads are pretty bad and just about everything will be closing early, if they haven't already closed.

Suppertime, and its still snowing... and Terry has shovelled twice. The weather is frightful..
Jill, Mel and MeeMee are almost to Port Aux Basque... and will be waiting there til the 11:30pm ferry shoves off for Cape Breton.... fingers are crossed for a smooth sail!!
The pets are all snuggled in for the night.. Terry's pooped from all this snow plus 1.5 hours on Wii today... hee hee..
Pika, my cuddler cat, is just cuddling.... perhaps due to the snow... but they are both sound asleep...


GailM. said...

We are getting lots of snow in NB as well. We haven't shovelled but we did get out to the Willie for our walks. The wheeling was pretty bad so we're not going anywhere. We have lots of spagetti and ice cream so we can be snowed in for a few days without starving!

cpm said...

Is Terry showing off his new Wii body for the world to see? Hot stuff! ;-)
I'm loving this snow! Let it SNOW let it SNOW let it SNOW!