Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Snow day adventure...

School was cancelled today... but I didn't realize it until I was showered and finished hair and stuff... I didn't really think the snow was all that bad, but it did get a lot snowier by late morning.
I love storm days when school is cancelled because it is pure uninterrupted work time. We are coming to the end of the financial year for the school and there so many little details to be finalized and figured. All that peace and quiet it like a gift from God!! But this blog is not about me today.....

This blog is featuring a letter to Stephanie and Sean, in Korea... from Parallax, their pretty grey/beige cat.

Oh, hi Mom & Dad
So... you know how cats are curious, right. And you know how smart I am, right. And you know how I like the thoughts of being outside, right. And, you know how I have big strong paws... right. And you know how the back door sticks when it get damp... you know so it doesn't close right.
Well, here's what happen. Sometime today... I can't tell time, so I don't know when.... I noticed the back door was open just a crack. The big door. And I think, I am not sure, but I squeezed between the back door and the back screen door. And I got out... hee hee...
What I didn't bank on.. was that I couldn't get back in. I walked through the snow... my first time touching snow by the way..not impressed! Anyway.. I walked over to the ramp and slid down that thing... that sucker is slippery!
I figured I could get in the front door. I walked past the basement windows and Tonks near passed out... I was outside.... and no one is home....
The Front door... locked... I think... I don't know.. but it wasn't opened. I am not sure how long I was outside.. but Grammie and Grampie figure about 2 hours... cause my foot prints were just slightly buried with new fallen snow.
They came home 1 whole hour earlier than they usually do and you should have seen the look on their faces when they saw me sitting on the door step OUTSIDE. I wasn't even scared, really. But I was really happy to see them. Grammie picked me up and cuddled me.. while Grampie ran to the back door to see how I got out! The house was really cold... 62 degrees F, cause the back door was wide open. Pika was pretty panicked when I came in.... I think he was worried because he could see me out the screen door.. I sat on the railing for a long time cause I could see in the warm house through the screen window! I sat so long, my bum melted all the snow on the railing!
so... anyway... I am home, warm and safe, cleaned my feet already, had a bite to eat, and now I am bathing in the luxury of the kitty bed I got for Xmas.
Love Par :)

To add to Parallax's letter... you can not imagine the shock we
experienced and I actually didn't believe it was her. Like Terry said... out of context, she looked like a totally different cat. She was hiding around the corner of the house when we pulled in, and I didn't even see her. It was Terry who said, in a slightly panicked voice "What the hell is that"... as the grey ghost slinked to the door. She sat up like a weasel, and when she saw it was us.. she sat down, and calmly waited for us to get out of the car. It was shocking!!! Pika was absolutely freaked... and the house was absolutely freezing. She was very cold to touch, and I kept her snuggled in my arms for a minute but she was too interested in getting fed! Lesson learned that we have to be more careful with the big back door, since the screen door doesn't shut that well! I don't doubt she pulled that big door open since she can do it to the front door!

Oh, well...


tdp said...

Oh my gosh!
I love Parallax's letter to his mommy :D
Glad his adventures ended happily....

cpm said...

CRAZY! What an adventure for Pax! Sean and Stephanie will get a good laugh at that letter!

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine how mad she was when she realized there was a door between her and the food dish! I'm really glad she didn't go far... outdoors is not really her milieu. You can see where she paced back and forth before sliding down the board, trying to figure out how to get down...
Brr! All those toes in the snow! I hope she learned a lesson!

Mick said...

What a silly kitty! I'm glad she didn't wander. I bet Tonks lost her mind seeing Parallax on the other side of the window!

GailM. said...

Oh kitty. What a wake up call. But you know, some cats like the winter and to go outside for a little time, not 2 hours. They go out and listen to the mice scurry, under the snow. And the birds are so easy to see and sometimes catch. You should go out for 10 minutes at a time. I think you'll like it.

Brrrr, I'm cold just reading about how cold the house was. It must have taken a few hours to warm up. Brrr..

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