Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring is right around the corner

The weekend just past was glorious. On Sunday afternoon, not only was FACEBOOK full of accalates about the sun, the warmth, the spring like conditions, but so was my heart. After a light lunch, Terry and I donned our garden gloves, dug out the rakes and moved outside to enjoy the sun.
The winter was hard on our big oak trees, leaving so much tree litter on the lawn that we filled our green bin to the top, with just little twigs. We raked, and talked, and smiled, waving at all the walkers going by.
I unburied little crocus's ready to come up.. and was amazed to see our iris peeking through the leaves too.
I was shocked to see all the garden ornaments that have slowly been unearthed from the snow.
Oops.. we forgot to put a few of them away for the winter.
It felt good to me to be outside, and you can't imagine how good it felt for Paralax to come outside too. She was throughly disappointed all winter long to look out the door and see snow and rain. Sunday afternoon... was... heaven...
She was out the entire two hours we were out... exploring every blade of grass, every acorn, every moving leaf. She didn't stray very far, but I think we may be in for a long summer of trying to keep her in the yard. She is getting braver and braver.


ancient one said...

We've had two beautiful days this week also.. today it started raining again... but I truly enjoyed the last two days!!

Anonymous said...
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