Thursday, March 18, 2010

What we have learned here in Kittery.... Part 2

We wore out about 2:30. What an experience. I have never been in so many stores in my life. With so much driving in the last two days in what feels like a foreign country, our eyes, our minds and our bodies are exhausted!
Here we sit.. in our beautiful hotel room... crunching numbers, sharing and trading receipts to balance everyones' "limits".

Kittery was by far the funnest, and our favorite stores were Tommy Hilfiger, Buxton shop, Le Gourmet Chef, Columbia, Eddy Bauer and Easyspirit. The Trading Post was weird, and disappointing, and the rest were all fun but not great deals.. We sorted through racks of Clearance and marked down, as well as racks and racks of sale items.
The things we learned today on our trip to Kittery and New Hampshire.....
1. Police cars in Maine... are baby blue... ah... who knew!
2. New Hampshires state motto is Live Free or Die... while Maine's is The Way Life Should Be
(both listed on the thousands of license plates we saw today)
3. always take two hotel room keys when ever you leave the room as a group.. especially when you have bathing suits and towels on... those keys don't always work... ugh.
4. Sporks... are the answer...
5. Retail Math is not as easy as one would expect. First you take 60% off the regular price.. and then take another 20% off of that... OK... not easy... sometimes things ended up to be FREE according to my math...
6. Maine has stolen a lot of our town names. We drove past Berwick, Yarmouth, Enfield, Kingston and Waterville!
7.Gert is our best friend... that's Gert our GPS Guide. Although.. she was a little late on a few commands... we drove through the same visitors' center twice in 3 minutes due to her late instructions to a turn or two....she more than made up for that little mishap the rest of the day.
8. Everyone in Maine is really nice and friendly. Especially at Friendly's restaurant... yum.
9. New Hampshire has the creepiest bridge ever. Vertigo when ya look up.... ewwwwww
10. Maine has a "tough" drunk driving law.
11. Truth be told... we have been spoiled and ruined at the same time. Our daughters said they will never pay full price again for anything. Mission accomplished I'd say.... but the fact is, its true. This kind of shopping where you get great products for great prices...truly does spoil you and ruin the fun of shopping anywhere else... Oh well, we are already planning our next trip!!!


Scott said...

Pretty neat about the place names! That's colonialization for ya. However, I have been told if you go to Scotland their Berwick is pronounced Bear-ick. Or something like that!

Looks like you're all having fun!

Jacklyn Craft said...

And I'm still learning, although I have to admit I don't know what "sporks" are. I'll anxiously wait for your answer in the next blog post. I've decided I'd prefer your description over googling it. LOL!

Anonymous said...

What a blast! I can't believe we did all of that in the relatively short time that we were away! Love all the pics!


Sandra said...

Your trip sounds soooooooooo fun! Love the pics!

Sandra said...

Your trip sounds like sooooooo much fun! Loved the pics! (whatcha buy me????) :o)

Sandra said...

Your trip sounds sooooooo fun! Loved the pics! (whatcha buy me????) :o)

cpm said...

I'm so jealous!!! but I did great deals in the US too this March Break...especially since our $$ is so good!
How come you and Debbie didn't take a pic in front of the Horny Toad! LOL!