Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Greenwood Closing 2010

What a weekend. As always, the Greenwood Ladies Closing was a great event. I have blogged this event a couple of times over the past few years... here is 2007 when our theme was Countries and here is 2008 when our theme was Holidays.
This year our theme was the RED CARPET which was the Oscars. Debbie and I were organizers this year which involved creating posters, correspondence with teams, buying the prizes and organizing the draws for a couple of months before this weekend. The weekend itself was pretty hectic as organizers but pretty fun just the same. Our entire club works very hard to put on a great event each year. Our regular Ladies League of 7 teams (28 ladies) prepare all winter for this event. Each team is responsible for
a different aspect of the weekend... Decorating, making up gift baskets to sell tickets on, selling 50/50 tickets. There is a Meet and Greet on Friday night with finger foods that we for and put together.
Another lunch for the Sunday curlers that needs to be organized. The dinner is organized by another couple of teams....
Our league may be small but we are a great group of ladies who are all truly friends. We work well together and we take pride in this bonspiel every year. I would recommend that if you like to curl and like to party.. you should mark the date on your calendar for next year... April 8, 2011... and our theme for next year will be the 1970's .......
This year though, our bonspiel had 18 teams and just about every team dressed up in some sort of costume for our Saturday night
Our dinner and dance has become the Highlight
of the weekend with the actually curling coming in second!

Some pictures of the night

The reporters for the evening. They stood by the door and greeted every one of the teams and it was hilarious to actually arrive at the dinner... with red carpet and reporters.... Mary got some fabulous pictures..
Some of the VIP's (as they called themselves) were hilarious.

They were seat fillers for the Oscars, you know those "special" guests who make the audience look lively!

We had our "home viewers" arrive with their pajamas on, their popcorn and their TV for watching the Oscars at home!
A brand new team from New Glasgow, really came prepared to party with their flapper dresses and they brought their own reporter as well.

As you can probably guess, our team arrived as Marilyn's and what a blast we had. Thanks to Lola and Cheryl, great friends of our team, who traveled to the city to get our wigs and accessories, who also created our "dresses" from a bed sheet.... Lola and Cheryl came as "our" paparazzi! (Lola also kept us looking "good" all evening.) I seemed to have a problem keeping my red lipstick in tack. Could be that I kissed just about every thing I saw, from the door prize gift bags to our sexy waiters for the evening!

We had such great costumes, but I think the fact that there were 5 of us all the same, gave us the nerve and a "grander" entrance as well!

There were a few Marilyns
Some royalty arrived, as well, along with her own body guards!

... and even more bodyguards.... with glamorous movie stars...

The work crew was there and they were all named "Bubba!". They announced they were there to hammer anything we needed hammered! They were deadly with the hammers they had! I believe I kissed a few of those hammers... More Lipstick Lola!!!!

Speaking of hammers.... our two lovely bartenders.. Bonnie and Phylis who helped with the "hammer" situation for the evening!

And of course.. we did SOME curling over the weekend.... everyone was guaranteed 3 games but we curled 5 and some curled 6... depending on what game you lost, and how many you won after that!
A great time.. for sure. If you are at all interested in the sport of Curling, please make sure you come to our club in the fall. Not only is it great exercise, but the people are so wonderful. You will truly enjoy your Tuesday night Ladies Curling!


GailM. said...

These pictures are hilarious. Love the Paparatzi.

Anonymous said...

We are so fortunate to curl with such a wonderful group of women!
This bonspiel gets more fun every year and I agree that the Saturday night dinner and dance has become the main attraction.
Thanks for agreeing to organize this spiel with me...and we agree to do it again next year - are we NUTS!?!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a crazy good time. You ladies sure know how to throw a party!