Sunday, September 12, 2010

Settlers and Killer Bunnies

Board games are the epidemy of family nights, family memories, and family rivals. But this Saturday night, I had a great evening with friends learning two new games. Well, really, I had learned how to play Settlers of Catan a couple of Christmas's ago, and played a few games over that season. But that was the last time. So Saturday night, it was really like starting fresh again for me. I had no idea what I was doing... but after a bit, I finally started to remember and got into it... Alliances were made, and enemies too... even though, its not really a game of enemies...those things just happen. hee hee.... While Terry was the "woodsman", Brian was the Sheep and Wheat guy. I was really suppose to be pretty good at acquiring ore... but thanks to Terry's clever planning, both Debbie and I became victims of a "robber" several times... and the rivalry began!
Now that I have one game under my belt... I am excited to play it a few more times.... now that I know what I am doing. Of course, Debbie and I were clearly the better players.... but somehow between Terry and Brian's roads, and Terry's monopoly on wood... Brian was the winner by one point!
After Settlers... we moved onto a brand new game, I have never hear of.... Killer Bunnies...
It is a pretty big deck of cards, and every card has either an innocent bunny on it, some "dolla" (money) or some pretty funny and sometimes evil things you do to the bunnies (and your apponents).
We started the game with Terry and I know really understanding the game.. but by the end of the game.. I thought I was doing pretty well. I was the owner of the most bunnies, and had a mitt full of cards... and had made enemies with almost everyone with my sinister card plays... directing most of my evil on the two men on the other side of the table... but..... at the end of the game.. it turned out that no matter how good you play the game... it all depends on the flip of a "carrot" card.. to see who wins... and dammit... that stinky Brian won AGAIN!....
What a blast, learning two new games (sort of) and I am now ready to play both games again... and I will give Brian a run for his bunnies! Thank you Debbie and Brian... and I didn't dream of bunnies... but I still had some pretty weird dreams.. anyway.!


Anonymous said...

Lots of fun for sure...We'll have to have another games night and try some of those dice games. It is fun to learn some new games, but that Killer Bunnies is really one of the silliest, yet most fun games I have played (when it doesn't turn into a Saturday night marathon!!)

Mick said...

Love this! Sounds like you all had a blast :)!