Monday, October 18, 2010

Blogger Block

Did you know that I love blogging? I write a new blog every day.... in my head. There isn't a day that I don't organize something in my head, and take a picture, either physically or mentally.

So why is it, I can't write it. Its not that I don't have time. I do. Its not that I don't have any ideas... because every day, I find interesting things that I want to share.

Why, just yesterday, I was watching a TV show downstairs, and Terry came down to join me. He brought down two apple monitors... both broken. One had a major split line down the middle, and the other had nothing but a blue screen. While we sat and watched the TV show, he crouched on the floor, and spread several tools around the carpet and proceeded to take both monitors apart. He had no less than 10 little screwdrivers, several screws, metal flat pieces, plastic black strips, some sort of film thingie... and all the cases spread out. He was determined to make one good monitor out of both of them. He grunted, mumbled and moaned at these two useless pieces of junk and he puttered with them for an hour.
I totally ignored him... more interested in the TV show (which I don't even remember now) and when it was over, he was totally surrounded by bare computer boards looking rather intimidating to me.
I thought... wow, that is one pile of computer parts.... and thought I would go upstairs and grab my camera so I could take a picture of Terry at working, doing something he loves to tinker at.
By the time I got back downstairs, 1o minutes later.... he had both monitors put back together.........and both working!
The picture wasn't there... because all the parts were put back together.... geesh!

Now, was that worth blogging... no, not really... but its a start...


ancient one said...

I'm impressed!! WOW.. he got both of them to work again.

Mick said...

Very worth blogging! I can't wait to see you blogging more!!

Anonymous said...

Anything you write about is an interesting blog. You are one of the most gifted writers I know and I am happy to see you blogging again!