Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Signs of Fall-The harvest begins

Well, our apple adventure was so profitable, we ended up with three large bins of "drops" for the cafeteria. Those poor ladies just don't need to be peeling apples day in and day out.... so I decided that I could peel and freeze at least one bin of them. I love peeling apples... and potatoes for that matter... I like peeling boiled eggs, too. Could it be that it is mindless, sitting around the table with family... kind of work. I like to think that, anyway.

I am only half way through one bin! I have about 100 cups of apples peeled, sliced, "lemoned" and frozen. Geesh... its a slow process... but I still love it.

The other big harvest at this time is My Scarlett Runners. They bring me joy each year. Watching them pop out of the soil in June...
race up the strings in July...and reach the top of the strings... and then start blooming those tasty orange blooms... well, I haven't really tried them but the hummingbirds think they are top notch!

They provide shade and bugs for birds and kitty cats in August and September while growing giant beans.

Watching them die and dry in October.
Ripping them all down and pulling all the bean pods off of the vines....
and finally harvesting their big purple beans, to get all ready for next year.


GailM. said...

I realy like the scarlet runners. Isn't funny how after two attempts they wouldn't grow at the cottage. Save a handful of beans for me, ok. We'll try again next year.

cpm said...

Whoa! That is cool! I love the progression pics! Your scarlet runners are amazing!