Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rain Rain.. go away..

There is no other topic for today other than RAIN. It would be impossible to even blog today except about our weather. We had warning that it was coming... rain rain rain rain.. in the forecast but man, I don't remember ever getting 3 full days of constant, never stopping rain. Sometimes hard, sometimes soft.. but nothing but rain. I worried all Friday night for Michelle's drive home, because of this darn rain, and add to that, high winds... and here it is, the end of the weekend and its still raining.
Of course, a few at church this morning were thankful and relieved that all this rain wasn't really SNOW.. which we did get, this very weekend, in 2002.
I remember, because we had a storm day at school on Nov 7th, and Natsumi, our Japanese Exchange student, and Michelle... made an incredibly cute snowman, in the driveway.. no less.

It was Natts very first snowman. She was full of adrenaline and excitement, working diligently on her project.
She was so warm while working, she took her coat off.. as it wasn't very cold for a snow day.. She lost her luster for snow, by Xmas, that year... which.. of course we all do.

So, people, I guess we can live with the rain.. for now. But I am worried about all this water. I am seeing giant puddles where I have never seen water before... Our river, behind the house, in the summer is calm and quiet during a normal summer day.

But it doesn't take long for it to fill with rain water, after a day or two of rain. But today, it is a raging torrent of water... with a potential of flooding the houses in the neighbourhood.

We have giant puddles in our yard too.... well, not as many in MY yard, as there are in my neighbour's yards. These puddles are a little concerning... Rob brought his rake over and pulled leaves from our ditch so the draining system throughout our little knot of houses, runs good.

We can usually gage the disaster level in the community by how high "Lake Sometimes" is.. and I drove over today to snap some pictures of the results. I am surprised that I only think to take pictures of the Here and then gone Lake we have on Bridge Street, when the water is high. I need a pic or two of when its a sea of green grass, dandelions and Willows.
Our village pond and wooded fitness trail has a whole new look to it today.
The forecast said the rains will let up by noon today... except its now 5:30.. and its still raining. Michelle called me from the Mammoth and its dry and cloudy there.. no rain.. I am glad for her, I hate to think of her driving in this again!

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cpm said...

WHOA! Those pictures are unbelievable!! I am SO over the rain! Ugh! and the Weather Network says no sun until Thursday maybe Friday! WAY too much rain! Make it stop or you'll be building an ark next week with the Sunday Schoolers! LOL!