Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Here we go again...

So, this time last year... for those who have been reading me that long, will remember that Terry was going away hunting in Ontario for 10 days. I was a tad excited about spending time here alone... for the first time EVER.
To review, Terry went hunting quite often, almost every year in early November for 10 days. It was never really a big deal.. just common practice... normal. But last year when he went, was the first time in all our years that when he went away, I would be all alone. I had always had kids home, or my dad. The first year, after Dad died, Terry didn't go away and I was glad he didn't. But last year, I was looking forward to the 10 days. So was he. You can read just how excited I was and what all my big plans were for when he was gone...in my last year's blog.
This year is not as exciting to me. I still am excited to be on my own, but I don't have as many rules set, on how I will enjoy it.
Last year.. I swore I wasn't cooking one meal, not one. I also said I wasn't doing the garbage... because... its against my beliefs. Well, I still don't plan on cooking.. but if I have to I will. The garbage will not get done this year ... because I still don't "do" garbage. Last year, Scott arrived from Halifax in time to put it out... but this year... it will sit in the garage... its no sweat off my butt!.
Terry left today. I had left overs for supper.. and ate in front of the TV. Imagine.... it was law in my house... since Stephanie was born. We have never had a TV within hearing distance of our dining room table, let alone within watching distance. But today, I grabbed my plate of leftovers and moved into the bedroom and watched Oprah camping in Yosemite... what a friggin hoot. I am going to go there some day!
The time Terry is gone will go by fast, because I have a list a mile long of chores and projects I need to get done. I also need to take care of all the pets.... you know.. feed them... let them in, let them out... let them in, let them out. I usually don't do that.. Terry does. He feeds them, combs them, talks baby talk to them.... ugh... they are demanding.
Pika is now curled up around my hips, squeezed between me and the armchair. ugh.. they are demanding! Terry never minds that... me.... drives me nuts. Tonks is missing Terry already... she keeps staring at me, and I can't figure out what I have forgotten to do for her. I am sure I will figure it out soon.


Anonymous said...

Maybe she thinks you've hidden Dad somewhere? Or she's just being Tonks, I suppose.

GailM. said...

Ahh, why not get yourself to Digby and we'll pick you up in SJ. You can come hang out here for a few days...

cpm said...

Isn't the Yosemite adventure hilarious!!! I LOL'ed several times! LOVE Oprah!!!
and when is your garbage day Donna? I'm coming over to take it out! You can't miss garbage day!!!! It only comes once every TWO weeks!! I like doing garbage! Just tell me what day to come!