Thursday, November 5, 2009

Party ON!!!!

Ok, so, I am a single gal for the next 10 days... Terry has gone on his annual pilgrimage to Ontario to join family and friends in the deep woods of Denbeigh to go hunting deer and partridge. I say its annual but he hasn't gone in a couple of years, just due to family circumstances. He was very excited to go.. and I was just as excited for him to go. Now, that sounds mean, I suppose, and I will miss him ... but he is not gone forever.. and he is only gone 10 days. I have survived him gone for months at a time (6 months on course)... and our first year of marriage he was gone almost 9 months out of the 12.
I haven't been alone.... in a long time. In other hunting trips over the years, I have managed two and sometimes three kids, a dad, the pets, work, garbage day, snowstorm, car trouble and housework. It was never a vacation when he was gone... but... this next 10 days... its all about ME.

My plan is to not cook...not once... well, really cook. I will warm up stuff...

What have I done so far to "party on" while Terry is gone... last night I had chicken cordon bleu for one.. thanks to Noreen....... and then I went to the show and saw "Couples Retreat" with Debbie. I immediately came home and changed my password on most of my stuff to "$#%tastic".... you have to see the movie to understand that one!
Supper tonight.... chicken wings from Sobeys.... I love wings but Terry doesn't. I hardly make them... but I do enjoy them... so chicken wings and ...tada.... MINUTE RICE!!!! hee hee...
I love minute rice. Isn't that a hoot. I never cook it, never feed it to my kids... but I sooo love it. Its like eating potato chips to me.... When I was a kid, my mom always cooked minute rice. I never knew there was any other kind of rice out there. for a snack at night, we would boil the kettle, pour a cup of water in a bowl, put in a cup of rice, a big wad of butter and put a plate over the bowl. 5 minutes later... add more butter and eat the whole thing in front of the TV...

tonight is Grey's Anatomy. I sooo hope its good tonight. Its been on the fence for me, the last 2 weeks...

The big news of the day.. our house was selected by Statistics Canada, for one of its residents to complete the Canadian Community Health Survey on Healthy Aging. We had a representative arrive at the door last week to set up an appointment to come to the house to spend 1 hour with us asking us questions about our lives, our health, our retirement. So, I made a date for tonight. Terry is away, and I know the Statistic's Canada Rep, so it was going to be fun.
I ate my supper and cleaned up the livingroom, put on a pot of tea, and waited for Audrey to arrive. She came at 6:30 right on time.. and we settled in the livingroom with our tea, and after a 10 minute chat about what our kids were up to... she started the survey. My name,... address, age... a few other things... and then about Terry... his age... etc.
She then explained that the the information would be input in to her laptop and the computer would randomly select one member of the household to complete the hour long survey.
She pushed the button.. and boom......TERRY was selected. I was so mad... and she was too.. this means, he has to be here.. and she needs to get it done by Nov 30..
We made a tentative date for her to come back, and then we sat and chatted for an hour about friends, family, trips.... etc.
I was so disappointed because it sounds like a neat survey. Well, the other great news is that our family has been selected to be a Radon detection home, and we now have radon detectors placed in our house for the next 4 months. We have to send the detectors away to the feds and they will use this information to make a blueprint of the radon levels in Canada. Imagine...

No Sugar report. I am finishing day 5.... of no sugar. I have purchased no sugar added jello... and puddings.. (chocolate and rice puddings) and I have one of those every now and then to satisfy my sugar needs..... But I notice that I am drawn to things like "Honey Garlic Chicken Wings" and Plum sauce on my chicken fingers. They do indeed have sugar.. and I totally didn't think of it until it was tooooo late. I had devoured most of the 5 little chicken wings before it dawned on me! Other than that... I have turned down cookies from Libby and rice Krispie squares from a student. I declined from having jam on my toast.. and I walk right on by Terry's closet that has 40 or so halloween chocolate bars in it.
On Day 2 I ate a butter finger halloween bar. I talked myself right into it in like 20 seconds. And once I convinced myself...I ate it.. in 10 seconds. I justified it.. I hadn't had one since I was a child (which was a lie, really, but I believed me) and then I began to convince myself that another one would be no worse than eating just one.. what's the difference.. eating one.. eating two.. I still broke my "no sugar pact". That's how it happens with me... one leads to two... and then it grows from there.
So I stopped. No more and nothing else.. except those hidden sugary supper items. But really, I didn't expect to have to keep my guard up during supper. Like, you just don't think you are eating sugar for supper... so, no more honey garlic... (that includes the honey mustard salad dressing I bought to go with my salad for lunch tomorrow).. geesh!

Stay tuned tomorrow for a weather report.. apparently we have a Nor'Easter coming our way!

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GailM. said...

Oh, those chicken wings sound so good. We never never have those unless we have the triplets for supper. Wings are on the short list of foods that all 3 like to eat. Pancakes is another.

I hope you enjoy your little retreat, home alone. I love that you're blogging every day.

Mert and I ate the butterfinger bars you sent to us on Wednesday. They were gone within 90 seconds of Terry bringin in that box of fabric. Yum, they were good. I'm so glad you only sent one each.

PS: I'm sending that box of fabric back to you when Terry stops in next week. Nice try, sista.