Monday, November 2, 2009

Wildlife visitors...dear deer

Sunday evening we were treated to a few little visitors. We were driving home about 9:30 and we met these guys in Howards front yard.
Actually, at first there was only one on his lawn, and two on ours. We stopped the car, and the other two deer sauntered across the road and lazily nibbled on the grass, and posed for my pictures. Howard was unaware that he had guests until he saw our lights shining in his house, and my camera going off. He was thrilled when he looked out the window and saw... they hung around for over 5 minutes and then tiptoes off to the woods... so amazing to be near them.


mvm said...

That is so cool, my kids would have loved to have seen that. They get to see Moose when we got to Cape Breton to visit my parents but it's not too often we see deer.

cpm said...

OMG! Amazing!!! I love deer! How awesome that they were right there in front of your house! Maybe they smelled the McDonald's...that always leads me to your neighbourhood! lol!