Monday, November 9, 2009

Caught in the ACT!!

When I was doing my massive vacuuming yesterday, I discovered that on the spare bed in the middle of the two pillows was a large pile of grey/black cat hair. I guess one of the cats frequented that location to snooze in. I took the spread off the bed and washed it, dried it and put it back on the bed. I also washed and dried a blue blanket that was in amongst Stephanie's belongings that she is storing at my house. I figured I would put the blue blanket on the bed and let them sleep on that, and if I need the bed, all I have to do is take the blue spread off. Well, it wasn't a half hour later, I found the culprit... Paralax was cozy on the bed and was lazy enough to not move when I snapped a couple of pics
Well, this afternoon, I was delivering some items to the room again and there was a different cat perched!

On another topic but still involving the cats, last week I brought in my hibiscus flower bush from outside on the deck and put it in my dining room. It has spent the summer on the deck and then a week or two in the garage. Well, of course, coming from cold dark existence into the warm diningroom... the poor thing went into shock and lost all its leaves. My floor was littered with dried up leaves. Friday night, I was chatting with Stephanie on Skype and I heard the crunching of dried leaves... I stole a peek and it was Tonks, hunched over the leaf have a grand time. I messaged Stephanie and asked her to research and see if hibiscus plants were poisonous for cats.. and within 20 seconds she was replying back in BIG LETTERS......YES!! VERY!!! POISONOUS!!! Oops. I chased her away, and before I could finish my conversation with Stephanie, she was back at it. I had to move the big plant to the bedroom and shut the door. I swept up all the dropped leaves and garbaged them. Poor Stephanie, she got very worried and advised me on what harm it could do. I will keep an eye.
Anyway, this morning I snapped these pictures of the little grazer... eating my fiddlehead plant!
Thank goodness its plastic! She would be in really big trouble if it was real!!

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Anonymous said...

She never used to eat my plants! Unless they were dead, I guess. Maybe she thinks plastic plants are dead?
I would've thought Para would be all over those plastic ones, though. She's a beast for chewing on plastic (but never seems to swallow it...).