Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A work of Canvas..... or Art... who knows

At the end of last summer, we said good bye to our old faithful tent of 25 years. The zipper broke for the final time while we were camping and the decision was made that we needed to replace the tent. Our new tent is wonderful, simple in design but complex in functionality. Of course, while we were at Keji I failed to take pictures but here are a couple from when we first set it up, in October last year.

Scott and Michelle also purchased a tent this summer as part of their wedding gift collection. We decided that it would be a good and environmental consider thing to do, to re-use our old tent by cutting it apart and piecing it back together to make a canvas ground cover. Terry's grandfather made a ground cover out of his old army tent from the 60's and we still use it as ground cover, as a trailer tarp and for painting, etc.

On the night before we went to Porter's Lake, we took out the scissors and started chopping away. It was a two man job and much bigger than we both expected and at the end of the evening we had several large and colorful pieces of the tent in a pile like deer hides.. and one, very large, very sturdy and intact tent floor. While the canvas pieces stayed in a heap, we did give Scott and Michelle the floor to use as a ground cover, and it worked very well.

After returning from Keji, we decided we would have to move forward and make the old tent into a ground cover, for us..... and below is just the start...

This will be a winter project, and I will get out my old sewing machine from 1977 that can sew through car tires I am sure, its such a work horse. We need a bigger tarp for our new tent, so that the floor of the new tent stays in as good a shape as our old tent floor was when we took it all apart.

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