Saturday, November 21, 2009

Christ the King

The last week of the church year is the week before Advent starts. The readings are always "Christ the King". For Kay and I, its a no brainer as far as a craft since its "king"... crowns are a must. We change up the decorations a bit on the crowns each year... but we always do a crown.
Last week, while Scott and Michelle were here, I set Scott on the task of tracing the crowns onto yellow Bristol board.. and with Terry's help.. they cut them all out.. yipee.
Its a good thing, because I got hit last evening with some stupid flu illness. I was freezing cold, pounding headache and stuffed up. I almost broke in two when I tried to get my flannel pj's on, I was colder than when we were camping in +2 nights. I shivered so much, I could barely stand up. Once I finally got them on, I crawled under the feather duvet and shivered until I fell asleep.
Terry came in at 9:30 from curling (fun night) and woke me up. He said I was sooo on fire, it can't be good to have all those blankets on. Well, he was right, I was a bag of sweat, and could hardly breath... geeesh.
I am glad my craft is all made for tomorrow's children's liturgy.... I know I will feel better by tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Oh Donna! I think you got it worse than me. I have slept alot and the drugs have helped me to do a few things that I wanted to get done this weekend. Take good care of yourself ~ I'll be in touch...perhaps Monday will be an evening walk if at all


cpm said...

That sounds horrible! I'm so sorry for you! If I knew how to make soup..I would for you! LOL!
Nice to have help with the cutting....good husband AND good son-in-law!!! You have trained them well! teehee! Now get better so you can train mine too!
Hugs and kisses to you MY Donna!

Josee said...

Oh no, sounds like the H1N1. remember in this instance, drugs are a good thing!

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better. Look after yourself. Someone suggested BIG doses of Vit. D...can't hurt you. Talk to you soon. I am off to TO on Thursday, should be fun.Take care of YOU!!!! Your Diamondtologist Friend

Lauren said...

Oh Donna, I know that crazy shivering feeling well. It really does feel like you will break in two. I also know the bag of sweat feeling and it feels gross. I hope you're feeling better soon!

Lauren said...

Do you think I used forms of "feel" enough? I need a vocabulary lesson.