Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ah... Saturday

Yawn Yawn Yawn
I think I have mentioned before that Saturdays are my favorite day of the week. Today.. was just one of those Saturdays that I love. It was sunny but cool when I woke up the second time.
I was wide awake at 4:20 this morning... that could be because I went to sleep about 9:45pm last night. Anyway, at 4:20, I flicked through channels, and watched "Say Yes to the Dress". My tummy began rumbling and I couldn't figure out if I was hungry or sick. I tried to go to sleep again but I couldn't stop thinking about my rumbling tummy. I got up.. had a drink of water... and scanned the fridge for a piece of cheese or something... but what I found instead was a piece of Delisiouso pizza that I cooked for a little boy's lunch on Friday. I sliced a little piece and ate that, went back to bed. I fell asleep pretty quickly after that and woke up at 7:30 after dreaming the weirdest dreams.. I can't even remember much about the dream except I chose to wake up in the dream but it was too stupid.. and when I woke up, I was quite surprised that it was sunny and 7:30.
After a quick coffee and a piece of toast (peanut butter, no jam) I started with my predetermined schedule.. clean the kitchen, clean out the fridge (ewwww), cleaned most of the bathroom.. and then.. the biggest event of the day... I dragged out my "Rainbow" vacuum and started at the far end of the house and vacuumed under, behind, on top and around every object in each room ending with the livingroom.
I locked the cats downstairs, lifted every rug, every chair, every basket and every odd item that found itself on the floor. I piled the floor in front of the steps with rouge items that belonged down stairs including the laundry. Every trip down was loaded with objects. By 12:30, I had the entire upstairs, dust free, cat hair free and clutter free. I listened to Harry Potter chapters 17 through 22 while working all morning and was still in my pajamas. I scarfed down a piece of left over pizza and had a shower and scrubbed down the shower when I was done.
A nice surprise, Michelle and Scott, along with Lucy arrived around 2:30 and stayed for supper (which I did not cook, by the way... thanks to King of Donair) We sat around and chatted about school, work, Christmas and all our pets... and then they were off. Scott took my VCR and a whole grocery bag of VCR tapes. He is going to turn my VCR video of my Olympic torch run into a digital clip so I can share my amazing experience with my blogging world~
My evening was spent chatting with Stephanie and working on a church craft for tomorrow. We are making poppies at church and my job is to cut out the circles for the inside of the poppy. They say "Lets pray for Peace". The pictures of the cats are for Stephanie. She enjoys seeing her little kitties...


GailM. said...

I'm so glad you're getting your Olympic Torch run converted to digital. I'm so proud that you did that run. I tear up everytime I watch it. I have a VCR tape of it too. But no VCR to watch it on now.

Anonymous said...

i LOVE that picture of Tonks, she is so at ease. My christmas wish is that all our furry creatures will play nice by the end of our visit.