Friday, November 20, 2009

The Torch came to Kingston!

What a day. I was excited all day.... talking about the torch, about my run, and the new run. I wore my jacket but felt a bit stupid wearing it... but its a monumental moment in time... what better day to wear it again.

Most of the staff from the school walked to Maple street about 1:50 and waited almost 30 minutes for the flame to fly by us. How cool that right where we were standing, the waiting torch bearer was planted... with his flameless torch. He is a young man named Trevor from Truro, somewhere. It was nerve wrecking for him with everyone taking his picture and he was standing there for like 20 minutes. At first, I stayed back, understanding his stress, but then I thought, what... am I crazy... here is a picture. The old meets the new... I made sure and cozied up to him and had a photo moment.
One of the camera clickers told me to touch the torch but I didn't feel right... it was his moment.. not mine. I asked if I could put my hand on his hand...and he agreed, joyfully. When I placed my hand on his... he was absolutely shaking so badly, I felt the motherly need to put my arm around him and I whispered... I know how your feeling. Try and enjoy every moment... it will stay with you forever!!!
He nodded, and said thank you... and I left him to the camera clickers. Who knows if he even heard me!

Then the wait. It seemed to take forever, but I bet Trevor felt like it was an hour! When the caravan of vans came down the road, the thin but plentiful crowd at this end of town started to cheer and wave flags. Both schools (staff only) were lining the streets, as there was no school for the children today. It was so nice to be a part of it all. When the first guy came closer to our little Trevor he greeted him with a big grin, a knowing hug and a loud energized cheer! Trevor was more subdued since he was so nervous, he couldn't really take it all in (my opinion only!!). Guy number 1, then tipped his torch towards the awaiting torch and passed along the flame. This was very cool.
I believe each hand off is celebrated with the "lighting of the torch".
Then our Trevor was off....

Kingston School was cheering loud and waving our little flags. I hope he could hear us!
My favorite moment? The experience was very different than what I had
experienced in 1987. It would be like comparing apples and oranges. I felt a connection to the runners, I understood what all the caravans were for, and I understood what they were feeling. I had three favorite moments.

1. Trevor's trembling hands. His trembling brought back all the
emotion I was feeling, and I know if he was a girl, he would have been crying!

2. The passing of the "flame". This was unique, and symbolic.
The torch was beautiful. At first, when looked at out of context, the torch
looked kind of odd, not torch like. But, being there, seeing the flame spread down the top half of the torch, its wide flame dancing backwards... it was majestic!

3. This guys face. I don't even know him. He was guy #1. We waited with Trevor for this guy, all excited... anticipating.. When he arrived, he was exhilarated, pumped, and he was eager to pass along the flame.

But after Trevor left with the torch, there he stood... guy # 1, done. It was over. Its in his face. He said quietly to the crowd, that was amazing. I then got a lump, as I watched him walk onto the waiting van.. watched him sit down... quietly and alone on the bus. He was the first runner of this team.

It was wonderful to be a part of.. and I hope I get to see another Olympics come through our country.

My cousin Dave carried the torch tonight in Lunenburg area, and I know when we see each other again, we will have a lot to talk about. Caroline Winters carried the torch in Greenwood, and I can't wait to see how things went...

And that is it... I end this week of Torching... but its still November, and even though I have the start of a cold.. I must blog... every day... until Nov 30.... oh... and no sugar this month either.. ugh.. this is all getting to be a big much!


GailM. said...

What a great day and I'm really anxious to see the flame come to Freddy Beach. They're running on my bridge, you know. It's going to be dark, so that will give it a whole new prospective. I hope to get some nice pictures with the kids.

cpm said...

Great blog!!! What an awesome week of blogging! I loved reading all about your Olympic Run memories! FUN FUN FUN! I'm glad I got to share today with you!
Some great photographer must have taken those pictures! ahhh you're welcome! LOL!

tdp said...

great pics Donna!
The kids were quite impressed to hear that you had held the torch yourself once upon a time.
Love that you were able to meet the young fella, I'm sure you probably made him feel a lot better!

Anonymous said...

What an absolute sweetheart you were to Trevor. Big lump in my throat. I hope we all get to witness another Canadian Olymic Torch relay.. maybe I can carry it with my walker!! :) Kelly

Anonymous said...

OK, I did it! I finally read your blog. Yeah!!! What a great blog it was. :) I had tears in my eyes. What a fantastic day for you. Hope you feel better.

Josee said...

Thank you for sharing your torch experience both past and present. I cried with every post, especially the video. You are a wonderful person and I am so glad that you were one of the chosen few. I love that Trevor's hand was trembling.

Scott said...

Great blog and great pics!

Apparently they are trying to get the 2026 Winter Olympics in Quebec City...

Mick said...

LOVE the blog and the pictures! Man that torch looks SO cool, I'm glad you got a picture with him!

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