Saturday, November 14, 2009

Oh, have I told you lately-about how I love Saturdays...

Well, have you hear then, that I hate doing garbage.. its not true, though. I don't hate doing garbage... I just don't do garbage.!!! The whole time Terry was planning on leaving to go away, I kept saying, "but who is going to do the garbage?". He would just laugh. The day he left, he said he put the garbage out in the middle of the garage floor, so I would see it... Then it was my turn to laugh. ugh
In a giggly conversation with Debbie on Monday morning (at 5:55am on our frosty walk) I was lamenting about how I hate doing garbage and here it was "Garbage Week". She informed me that Wednesday, our normal garbage day, what not happening... because of Remembrance Day. That was hilarious to me... but then she said, it was now going to be on Saturday. Oh.... if it was just moved to next Monday, Terry would be home... and I wouldn't have to do the garbage!!!! Oh well, I may or may not do the garbage.. we would see.
My week alone has been heavenly to say the least. I know it sounds heartless, or that I don't miss Terry. Its hard to explain, but it was nice... to not cook, to lay on the bed and not have to explain that I was tired. Don't get me wrong; its wonderful to have someone who cares about you and worry if your laying on the bed, but it was a nice little break, I guess. Oh, like I just said, its hard to explain. This is truly the first time since 1992 that I have been entirely alone. And I have really enjoyed it.
Terry comes home tomorrow. He is on his way back from Ontario now, and will stop to visit my Aunt Angeline in Quebec City for lunch, drop her some deer meat, and then drive the next 7 hours to my sisters house. He will be 6 hours away from here at that point, and sometimes he drives straight though, and other times he stays the night there and comes home. I hope he stays tonight because its just too long a drive for anyone.
Michelle and Scott arrived last night, with Lucy and the two cats. We kept all the pets separated last night, but this morning they started to mingle a little (minus Lucy). There was some hissing, some stalking, and a few slaps... but all in all.. Stephanie's two, and Michelle's two... are getting along pretty good. The challenge will be to introduce the doggie into the mix. That will be another time!
Oh... and Saturday.. Garbage Day........ hee hee hee. Gotta love the Son-in-law!

Pika misses his dad.. that's for sure.. and Scottie is the next best thing. Poor Scott can't sit down without Pika snuggling up on him.


GailM. said...

Your hubby is on his way home. He left an hour ago. I'm sure he'll be glad that the garbage is out! I sent you a gift! I was just finishing it when Terry came in tonite. Whew, just got done in time!

Anonymous said...

Bless STH's wee bum.. what a good lad he is!! Let's clone him!!!! KofO

Anonymous said...

I was thinking that this may happen when I heard that Scott was home - you're right - Gotta love him!!!

cpm said...

hahaha! Good for you Scotty! Way to stay in your mother-in-law's good books!
Welcome home Terry! :-)