Sunday, November 1, 2009

National November Writing Month

I couldn't possibly write a blog every day this month. First off, I don't know what I would write about.. and second... I just can't make time for it. Apparently, there is a whole movement of people in the world who are attempting to write every day this month. Stephanie has talked about it over the past few years.. and I am reading two bloggers who are attempting as well!

I was reading the website for the "NaNoWriMo" (see title) and they have sections to help you with subject matter.. and a section on how to beat procrastination... Imagine.. my two biggest problems.

I was looking through my pictures to decide what to write about today and I thought you might like to see what a trouper Terry is about Halloween. He still loves to carve pumpkins. He will sit there and carve 2 or 3, all by himself. Well, he wasn't by himself, really, I was roasting pumpkin seeds, and cleaning the kitchen, puttering around, not far.. but still.. he was carving them alone.. I hate carving pumpkins, by the ways.
We have a collection of pumpkin faces that we use to carve and each one of the family have their favorite faces. Terry carved his two favorites.
Parallax was curious about this whole event.. and I didn't have my camera handy while she had her head buried in the bucket of pumpkin guts... too funny.


cpm said...

Whoa! TALENTED! I'm embarrassed to have posted my pathetic pumpkin pictures now! Sheesh...who knew you had a professional in the family!
We have a family around the corner who does fancy pumpkins like yours. This year there were four and they were all of Michael Jackson in various forms. Very cool!
Hope you had a happy Halloween!

GailM. said...

Nice pumpkins. We haven't carved any in a few years and halloween snuck up on us this year.

I like the idea of National November Writing Month. I'm anxious to see all things you are writing about. November for me is stitching month, but I may try to write more blog posts than I normally do, in honor of National Writing Month. I never heard of it, so thanks for letting us know about it.