Monday, November 23, 2009

Home Sick

Tonks looks like I feel. I stayed home today and I will again tomorrow. I have sworn off of drugs cause they make me feel like crap. I am battling this illness with rest, lots of water and television.
I watched "Love Actually" this morning. There seemed to be a lot of talk about it on Facebook last night so I found it ONDEMAND and for 3.99 on my cable bill, I got to watch a movie I saw only once, and didn't remember it much. It was definitely funny and I loved it.
Daytime TV is funny too. I watched most of Ellen (nodded off a couple of times) no reflection on Ellen, its this darn illness. I saw that Wayne Grady is now hosting "lets Make a Deal". Its a remake of the 1960's Lets Make a Deal with Monty Hall. Not really that good, but it could also be this illness. And Price is Right is still on.... and Drew Carey is BLONDE!!! What's with that.
SNOOZE SNOOZE SNOOZE and then Dr. Oz has his own show... didn't see much.... Oprah was about Sex Addicts... didn't watch it... snoozed to the back ground sounds of Family Feud.
That was my day. I think I feel better, but I am sore all over, still... fever is gone.... as of like 4:00am this morning. Now I have a wicked cough. I missed blogging yesterday, couldn't keep sitting up for very long and really had nothing in my head to blog about... Is it cheating if I blog about stupid stuff like being sick!! I promise, this is the last one of those... tomorrow a real blog.
Now I have to go lay down! ugh.


GailM. said...

Ohh, get well soon.

Lauren said...

I LOVE(!) Love, Actually. Glad you did too.

MIck said...

Hey you left out the best part of your day - when I called you while I was grocery shopping to keep me company and you coughed all over me. haha :) Feel better soon momma

ancient one said...

Hope you feel better soon... anything is okay in blogland.. even sickness blogs.. I like to sleep by the sound of tv..LOL

Anonymous said...

Hey there sick you.. sorry to hear you are down and out but allow me to be one of those annoying silver-lining-cloud-type people: you weren't sick for the torch and (amazingly) you are letting yourself rest and get better. Yay Donna! Be well.. love KofO