Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bean bags

This is how I get myself into trouble! Just before Christmas, the music teacher from my school was flipping through catalogues at my desk looking for things like bean bags and dancing ribbons. She said she was going to order some beanbags for fun music games in her class.
I helped her locate some to buy in the catalog and they were a whopping $25 for 12. That is nuts, for a big of fabric and beans. Sooooo.... big mouth .. me.. said "Oh, you can make them so much cheaper... really!". She said "Oh, I can't do that, I don't sew". I offered to make them, and we bantered back and forth, "oh, no, I can't ask you to do that"... "oh for heaven's sake, they are so easy to make, and I have tons of scrap fabric". Back and forth we went, and I practically bullied her into letting me make them. She finally agreed, and we talked about size.. and then her final statement was.. "oh, ok, so then... I will need 60 of them!!"...

Bahahhhaaaaa. Joke was on me... but honestly, I loved making them.. what a blast to cut out a ton of little squares with my rotary cutter using all kinds of spare fabric. I just kept stacking up squares and having fun choosing silly prints.
I just kept pulling out little bits from my scrap pile and remembering what I made with the fabric originally. After I sewed all the little squares, turned them, snipped the corners and loose threads, it was Terry's turn to iron them flat and fill them with rice.
He pinned them shut for me and I started sewing up the final seam.

Terry sort of mentioned that I had a few more than 60 in my pile. I knew that too, but I was having so much fun cutting those little squares, I didn't bother counting them!
In the end... 106 bean bags have been stacked on my sewing table.... oops... that was too much fun!


Anonymous said...

You are so thoughtful and helpful!!! Everybody is going to love these beanbags!
:) Deb
ps....I recognize some of this fabric from other projects ;)

jillmacd said...

They are going to LOVE these! You are so great to do that!

Anonymous said...

I remember being there for the back and forth conversation and seeing your face when she said, 60!! Lol
They look great and she will love all the colours and so will the students.

MIck said...

Hahah love it. I remember owning some sweet homemade bean bags of my own. Love seeing dad hard at work in the sewing room. Hopefully he didn't find any pins in his traditional way... :)

GailM. said...

Hey, I love all that. I recognize the pink and black fabric from the wedding... oh, I recognize the yellow... I have some of that fabric... and cute ladybugs... your signature!!! That looks like a fun project. I wish I was there to help you guys.

cpm said...

ONE HUNDRED AND SIX!!! OMG! That is crazy!
You are seriously the nicest person ever…it's official!
Our students will love them…thanks Donna!