Monday, January 3, 2011

My 2011 Project

Have you ever sat around the table with family or friends and start trying to remember how old one of your pets are, or what Christmas it was that you had the big snow. Being a military family, we could usually connect what happened to where you were living. There are certain markers in ones life that you go back to when you are trying to date things... you know, before the kids were born, or when we had the "Cordorba".... or when we lived in a certain city.
Well, we now live at a residence that we have lived at for the past 20 plus years, so the "where we lived thing" is not as useful as it once was. There are other markers we refer to for remembering, but its getting harder and harder!
While working on some of my memory book scrapbooking events for other people I have thought about, talked about, planned out how to do a Family Memory book.... and this is the year to do it. Terry and I will be married 30 years this summer and I think its a good time to work on a 30 page memory book. One page per year... filled with facts and pictures... cars, houses, kids, pets, etc... not a lot of journalling, some though.
I have worked on some time line facts over the past month, enlisting the help and memories of relatives and friends. It is amazing the things people remember.... What cars we had, how Christmas's went... what renovations we did.... what trips we made...what pets we had and when the came and when they left....


Anonymous said...

This is my reminder to update our timeline truly is a fun book to create and I am confident that yours will be a beatuiful keepsake for your famiy...30 years - WOW!!!
:) Deb

Jill said...

I love this idea! Congratulations on 30 years. Let me know how I can help :-)


cpm said...

Wow! That's quite the project! Good for you!
30 years = amazing!

Anonymous said...

Maybe family or memories could be your word. This sounds like a big, but exciting project. You should post some of the pages. I would love to see them. Part of my FOCUS is to take the time to enjoy things I like to do .... like scrapbooking.
Good luck!

mvm said...

Great idea, 30 pages for 30 years. I would love to see the finished project. I love scrapbooking :)

Josee said...

Great idea, I have someone graduating, can you guess what my project is?