Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy (Grand) Mother's Day

I remember my very first Mother's Day. I was a mother for just about 13 days... and was right in the middle of that overwhelming, over tired, over stressed part of my new motherhood-dom. I had spent my first week, home alone, with a new baby, trying to figure out the miracle of breastfeeding. Terry would come home from work each day to find me in some sort of state of emergency... baby crying or me crying; baby soaking wet or me soaking wet; baby starving for food, me starving for food! My calm, cool and collected husband would immediately fix my problem... and send me off to the tub for 10 minutes of peace.

My first Mothers Day was spent in bed... After a special breakfast, and a wonderful Mother's Day gift of a Chocolate Goldfish (a real goldfish, not a chocolate one) I was sent off to spend the day in my room. Terry brought my brand new baby to me for feeding... and that was it. I kept the door shut to the bedroom and I slept for hours. Terry would come in with nibbles of food and drink and then shut the door. He took our new baby for walks, he cleaned the house and he made me supper.. all while he managed her squawking and endless chatter... her endless diaper changes, her tireless movements... That special day for me was the beginning of getting better at being a mom... I think getting tons of rest and having a clean house and a wonderful hubby gave me the drive to conquer this new challenge and it seemed sunny every day after that.

That was 27 years ago... and I celebrate today, not only as a mother but as a Grammie to be. I seem to be thinking a lot about when I was a new mom and all the wonder and the worry of a new baby.

Michelle and Scott are expecting a new arrival in 5 months. They are in their 16th week of pregnancy and we couldn't be more excited. From the moment I found out about our little treasure, I have thought non stop about my mom, my babies, my role as a grammie... and I look at other grammies so differently now. I can't believe how much it has made me think of the miracle of birth and the challenges of our world too. I am excited for Scott and Michelle, first and foremost, as they enter this new phase of their life together. I am so excited for Scott's parents as they join Terry and I in our new role as Grandparents to be... I am excited for Stephanie and Sean who will be Auntie and Uncle...

What will our new baby look like... well, here are a few baby pictures of the momma and dadda to be.... Michelle and her dad in Kingston Ontario. Scottie in his first snow suit. I think they are about the same age in these two picture.

Scott and his good friend. Michelle and her big sister. Scottie and a couple of buddies to hang with.. Michelle and her buddy, Alf. We thought it was hilarious that they both had an "Alf"!

Just being cute....

Showing his great driving skills....

Happy Mother's day
Happy Grandmother's Day
Happy Mother to be Day
to everyone


GailM. said...

Ahh, love all those pictures. Did Scott and Michelle have the same ALF stuffie. All the pictures are so sweet and I remember them all like they were yesterday. Happy mothers Day.

ancient one said...

Loved this post! You just wait... you will be a wonderful "grammie" and you will be so in love with that little one... I'm so happy for you!!

You have a great husband !!!

Anonymous said...

Love this blog Donna...wonderful way to announce your exciting news!
Where does the time Michelle is going to be a Mommie - she has learned from the best and no doubt will be an amazing Mommie!
Congrats to the Peters and Matheson families, as you prepare to welcome this precious new addition!
Love ya!

cpm said...

Awww all those pictures are wonderful! What a special post! You are a fantastic Mommy and will be an awesome grand-mother as well! So much excitement in the Peters/Matheson family! YAY!

mvm said...

This is a wonderful blog, made me tear up. I'm excited for you to become a grandmother, Happy Mother's Day Donna.