Monday, May 30, 2011

A proud moment - a Cat Tail!

As you may recall, Stephanie left us her two cats way back in 2009 to take care of while she was in Korea teaching. They are still with me and have survived their second winter and enjoying their second spring. These two little cats spent the first 5 years of their lives as indoor cats.. never having the freedom to roam the yard. We have gently exposed them to the great outdoors.
Tonks enjoys sitting on the deck and watching birds, June bugs and our neighbours. Paralax, on the other hand, is prowling the neighbourhood. She is in and out of the house as often as she can convince us to let her in and out.
Every night, Terry starts around 8pm trying to get her to come in for the night, and usually succeeds around 10.
Imagine our surprise when one evening this week, Terry opens the back door and finds Paralax sitting proudly on the deck, guarding her first kill. A teeny tiny shrew!
You could totally see the pride and sense of accomplishment in her face when she proudly lay beside her kill. She rolled and bath, then swat it, then roll again... a little more bathing....
She lay protectively beside her little critter, while Tonks gingerly inched her ways towards it to have a little sniff. Pika inspected it as well, and sort of turned away, not impressed.

Poor Paralax got a little possessive and hid it away under her paw. It was so small she totally covered it with her paw.
Terry and I chuckled all evening, just imagining the excitement and her pride.


GailM. said...

That's too cute. I recall the happy meows from our clawless cat when she caught a bird. The bird would be in her mouth, still alive, and I could hear the muffled sounds of the cat trying to meow loud enough for us to open the door for her so she could bring her bird in. No way.... we'd scoot at her so she'd drop the helpless bird.

cpm said...

Great picture capturing "the catch"! Stephanie will be proud! LOL!