Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of School 2012

 Always believe....   Today was the first day of school for 2012 at my big Elementary School in my little village of Kingston.   I have had 21 "first days of school" at this very school, and there has never been one as RAINY as today.  It was a miserable day for those new primaries to wait on the side of the road for there big yellow bus and then for them to hop off at school  ... and for moms' and dads' to huddle under umbrella's with camera's ready to capture the first leap off the steps of the bus.

 We have 11 new teachers and staff members this year... and about 50 new families to the school, not including all the new primaries..   Today was a BIG day for a lot of people.   We had indoor recess AND indoor lunch time play... we had no gym.. because we have to stay out of the gym for 2 weeks because we have a brand new gym floor... and it needs to "cure".   For the kids.. it was exciting but for the teachers.. it was a really tough day.

After school... it POURED... absolutely poured.  Our dismissal ran about 35 minutes later than usual, but very NORMAL for the first day.  We have 16 buses, with several brand new drivers.  We had many who forgot their bus numbers, and many who didn't know if its a "going home" day, or a going to babysitter day. .. we had some who got on the wrong bus, and some who fell asleep on the bus and didn't get off the bus.  New bus drivers confused their bus order, and then confused our kids..  Several phone calls, several rescues... thank God for Martin and his walkie talkies and GPS's on the buses.

  Tomorrow will be way better...  

Always believe something WONDERFUL is about to happen.  

Always believe!


ancient one said...

An old saying..."BAD start GOOD ending"... The rest of the year should be wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Thought you would want to know that I did drop by to see if you wrote about the first day of school. Thanks.AjC