Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day

 How is that for a summer that breezed by so fast, I am 
wondering if it really happened.  Thank goodness I took lots of pictures to remind me.. 

When I look back at my amazing summer, there are so many things I need to share... but all of them are so over the top exciting, that I just don't have the writing ability to handle it, as my first blog entry in two months.... 

so I am blogging a very cool thing I saw while I was at the Fredericton Superstore.  I had been there several times over the couple of weeks I spent in the city but this one particular time, it was the rare occasion that it was just Michelle and I stopping by for a few things for that day's supper.  As we were heading to the check out.. Michelle ran back to a bin in the middle of the aisle in front of all the cashes.    She came scurrying back with a couple of cellophane bags, all tied up with a couple of tags on them.. and inside were some bottles of baby food.. in each little bag.   Now, Michelle has spent the spring and summer making all Jack's baby food from scratch so it really surprised me that she was buying jarred baby food, almost as an afterthought... not taking the time to read the labels and she didn't even care what flavor the baby food was.  
When I looked at her with a "non-judgemental but quizzical" look that only a mother/grandmother can get away with... she said.. "oh, I buy them for the food bank box".  
 Then I read the tags and noticed that they were priced at about .25 cents cheaper than if you bought them yourself.  I left the line up and went to the bin that she got them in, and I noticed all kinds of things bundled together in cellophane bags, with similar price reductions.  There were noodles and canned meats,  spagetti and sauce, there were fruit snacks and juice boxes...
Michelle explained that the food bank in Fredericton gives Superstore a list of the things they are short on, and Superstore takes the time to bundle the items, give them a nice little price reduction and then parks them in the bin right in front of the cash... usually where the chocolate bars and discount flowers are located.
I thought this was an ingenious idea and took a few pictures to show our Kingston Superstore... and YIKES.... the Cash manager zipped over to me and sternly told me NO TAKING PICTURES while in the store.   Thats when I sugared her up with all kinds of compliments on the great idea, and I showed her on my camera that I only took pictures of the food bank bin, and their sign to share with our Superstore... my sugaring worked because then she told me that its her job to contact the food bank each week and she bags over 300 bags a week of items.   She said generally, they discount the bags of goodies by .20 to .50 a bag... so you think about that.. that is over $100 a week that Fredericton Superstore contributes to the Food bank... besides making it SUPER easy to donate.   She was very proud of her efforts and that of Symthe Street Superstore!

I struggle with remembering to buy sugar, or pasta, or canned meats in my grocery to bring to church, or school or any other Food Bank drop off point...  

Kingston Superstore... I want you to do this too!

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