Friday, October 26, 2012

I Found it.....but the search has created a monster!

Yes.  My gold tin, filled with fabric already cut out for an I Spy quilt.  I found it in amongst my boxes of church craft supplies.  Go figure.  I didn't even bother looking at that stuff the first night, because really... who would put their sewing tin in amongst craft supplies for church.  Apparently... me.
I am sad to say though... I got a really good look at all the extra stuff I have piled in my craft room.  I try really hard not to have my craft stuff anywhere else in the house, except a knitting or hand sewing project I am currently working on.
Therefore, my one room in the house filled with my passions... is busting at the seams.
Now, I feel I need to start purging and I am challenging myself (for lack of a better word) to start purging on small part of this room everyday for the whole month of November.  I am going to set up a purging station in my Rec Room with boxes for give away... be it, the Diabetic Association, the Opportunity Shop, the Christmas Shopping Party at school or just to friends I know will be able to use stuff.

I am totally embarrassed to show these pictures.  But, its time to come out of the closet... I am a craft hoarder!  This is my craft room.  Filled with flat surfaces that get piled up with "temporary" projects or things I don't have time to put away.
 I have two particular loves.  First and foremost, fabric.. for sewing. I love sewing ... quilts, dolls, clothes, paper piecing, fun little projects...  therefore, I have a collection of fabric that spans the full gambit of project potentials.  I keep every scrap.. for paper piecing, I keep large quantities of basic cottons, in basic colours.. black, white, cream.. plus seasonal prints.
Ask me when is the last time I sewed a quilt, or anything for that matter...  well, its far and few between.  I blame my computer.. really... first.... Pinterest, although its full of amazing projects to do.. and I have pinned thousands.. I spend more time looking for them.. then actually making anything.
All my other social events on the Internet also take away from my craft room.. but really, not.  Its just an excuse to sit..
Well.. I am going to try and get back my creative desire this winter.. but first I need to clear out some of that fabric.  I certainly don't need it all.
My next love it paper.. and paper crafts. Scrapbooking, cards, tags, origami... even colouring.  Therefore, I have bins of paper, shelves of photos (not even including all the digital stuff).  I also own all the family photos from my childhood, my parents old albums.  I have my kids photos, their trips, their scrapbooks.. I have ribbons, and brads, and glue, stickies, markers and hole punches. Books on how to scrapbook, half made scrapbooks.. oh my. Its crazy.

So, today, the purge is beginning with fabric.  I have filled three boxes of large pieces of fabric, small or partial fat quarters... patterns I will NEVER use.  Knitting books (I actually hate knitting, just so you know).  I was given an entire  set up for "felting" stuff.. you know.. all the tools, all the wool,  all the instructions.  I never wanted to try it.. and so.. its going. I am passing it on to someone who might like to try it... or it might go in a donation box.. who knows.. but its not staying!

Its just the beginning, but I am sort of excited to get rid of things.. to make room to actually work.

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Anonymous said...

you are inspiring ... you'll get it done Daaaana... KofO