Sunday, October 28, 2012

Perfect Fall Saturday

Truly, the most perfect fall Saturday I have had in a few years...  Just one of those days that made you feel warm and fuzzy about all the golden beauty everywhere.
Our day was filled with leaf removal, pulling up old plants and putting away yard furniture and decorations.  Imagine... end of October and it was warm enough to do this is a teeshirt.  
We took several breaks (or I should say, I took several breaks).  I am still suffering from my cold, plus I had lots of indoor chores to do too.. so I was in and out all day.   
Our compost got filled with golden leaves from the back yard and all the vines and the rest of the  old flower pots.  Two weeks ago I emptied the majority of them before the killer frosts but that day was freezing and we had to wear mitts and jackets..  Something about yesterday was so glorious.

This time last year, I was in Fredericton waiting on a stubborn baby to come along... today was Michelle's due date.  Being her first, the norm was that Jack would be over due.. but still... she was so big... and she actually went in with labor pains...  I couldn't wait... I drove up... and when I arrived... the pains had stopped... and I was met by two very sad kids...  I spent the next few days there.. keeping them busy, and baking and sewing and going to Market.  It was a glorious weekend for me... filled with final moments of taking care of my little girl (and my little Scotty boy too).  When I went to leave though... we had a snow storm... and I had to stay... one more day!  Terry and I talked a lot today about that weekend and how fun it was..  and that is why NOTHING got put away properly last year.  We were so distracted by "the waiting for Jack" game... that we really didn't do much here. 
Kind of fun to see some of these fall pictures of Jack.  Hard to believe he is here.. and he is walking and  communicating.  Hard to believe a whole year has gone by since that weekend in Fredericton when it was my job to cheer up two very nervous, sad and cranky kids.. waiting for Jack to arrive.!

Fall looking garden.  Pond is full of leaves and we will leave them there for the winter.  Helps to insulate the water lilies for the winter.  Maybe even a frog or two.
Before the vines were taken down....
After the vines are down.  The cats are thrilled with the warmth and sunshine.. but I think they know what is coming.  
Morning Glory seeds are gathered for next year.....

Scarlet Runners are gathered too..

Ready for the winter.  Awning is gone, furniture is gone... nothing left but a few "safe and warm" spots for the cats.

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GailM. said...

Hello from London. It's fall here too. Not very many trees, except in the royal parks. Hey, I like that fern pot on your doorstep. I want four of those on my back deck next year.