Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Christmas Parcel to Korea

 Even though its early November, I have to get this parcel in the mail before Nov 14th... so I am spending my evening wrapping up Stephanie and Sean's Christmas Parcel.

The first year they were in Korea I sent a huge box and it was filled with so many Xmas items from Canada and I sent it in Mid October.  I tracked it to Montreal within the first 3 days and there is sat until Mid December.  7 Weeks it sat in Montreal and when I talked to the post office, they told me it was waiting for a container to fill up before it went on the container ship to Asia.
That Xmas day... Stephanie had no parcel and my heart broke for her and Sean.  Their first Xmas away from home and it was lonely enough without the fun and excitement of opening gifts from home.   Her parcel arrived in Mid January and I learned a very valuable lesson.
This parcel is much smaller, filled with more appropriate gifts.. and toys for the kitty.  I will send it via Air Mail and it will be sure to get there by Dec 25th.  This is the 4th year that Sean and Stephanie are away from home.. and we were so lucky to have them here for Christmas just 2 years ago.. and had them home for 2 weeks this summer!
On there way back to Korea after a very busy and fun filled 2 weeks in Canada.

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