Monday, November 5, 2012

Jack Turns One today!

This week has been a full week of reminiscing about one year ago... and all the waiting, waiting, waiting.
 We thought for sure Jack would come before Halloween.... and he almost did.. but he changed his mind.  Meanwhile, I drove up while Michelle was experiencing labor... but by the time I got there.. all the action had stopped.  My thinking was, that it was going to happen any day, so I chose to stay a few days.. because I knew it would happen any day.

The next 6 days were very long and Michelle and Scott were nervous, tired, sore, stressed... and miserable.  It was my job as their mama to keep them active, and well fed... so they wouldn't be so anxious.  We carved pumpkins, and went to the market... got a big bag of samosa.  Jack's actual due date came and went.  

 an October  Snow storm... came... and went...

In line at the market.. waiting for their favorite treat.. Samosa

  Halloween came... and... went....
 Every day, we went to my sisters and worked on an amazing quilt she planned on making for Aurora for Christmas.  It was a big and overwhelming project and it was meant to be that we (Michelle and I) were looking for a BIG distraction.  Every day we traced flowers onto paper, then cut all the parts out. We talked about what we would do the NEXT day... if... Michelle was still around.  Then the next day.. we irons the papers onto fun fabrics which were spread out, all over Gail's kitchen.
notice the snow in the window.

Then the next day... we cut out all the flowers.... and ironed all the pieces together... Each one of these flowers had 3 to 4 different circles or squiggles and we had to write on each shape in code so we knew which fabric went on what flower... there were cats and lady bugs and butterflies too

Cutting out flowers... even Scott and lucy got into the act... it was something to do!

 This was the finished quilt, which we never did see.. because Gail had a ton of work to do on it before Christmas.

And we waited..... Gails Grandkids made a big sign for the window.... and Aurora put the final touches on it... and we waited.  Aurora was pretty excited for Jack to arrive because FINALLY she would be older than someone else.  She has been the baby of the gang for 3 years now.

 Finally, the quilt was organized, the snow stopped falling... and I had to leave to back to Greenwood.  Still no baby.  I went home.. but I left my suitcase packed.  Every day, I called and talked to the waiting parents and they got sadder and more anxious.....  and then Friday came... and Jack didn't... and the doctor said... Tomorrow is the day.

 They had the above sign on the fridge all week... and Jack never made his move.. so they arrived early Saturday morning, Nov 5... and the games began.   I left early Saturday morning amongst black ice and snowy skies.  I was so intent on getting there.. I forgot to check my fuel level.  Now, that would have been the worse thing.. but I was looking at the snow on the road and a thought came to me that I hadn't stopped for gas... and when I looked at my gauge... the light was on!  For how long.. who knows.. but I stopped at the very next exit and filled her to brim! (Don't even look at the fact that I was driving 110 km and taking a picture)

I arrived in Fredericton, just on time, to be a part of a very amazing experience... which I blogged from the heart about here.   
This is the VERY first picture of Jack... peeking out from him mothers grasp.. to see his Grammie, I think

My very first babysitting job... We sat in the warm sun from the window and waited for mama to have a shower, and I got to tell Jack all  about the waiting and waiting... 
All snuggled up, waiting to go home!
Seems like a life time ago now... and I guess it was.. Jack's lifetime, really.  We are so lucky and thankful to have our little Jack.. who is so happy all the time.. and so healthy and fun!
Heading to visit Grammie and Grampie!

Cherrios... a beautiful thing!

Aylesford Tartan jacket, just like his Grampie and daddy

Happy 1st Birthday Jack.


Anonymous said...

What a good recap. Man that was one quick year. I was so glad that you guys helped me with that quilt. Who knew that it would have taken so much work. Everyone who sees it loves it. Aurora likes or too. Almost as much as her Dora puff from Walmart. Auntie Gail

Jill MacD said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!

ancient one said...

What a wonderful little boy. What a wonderful year. Happy Birthday Jack!!