Sunday, September 16, 2007

Breast Cancer.
I have a few thoughts. How can something like a woman’s breast, that gives life and nourishment to a child, also turn against us, and do so much damage to a family. There are not too many people in this world who haven’t been touched in some why by breast cancer.
I have been touched, only through friends, by breast cancer. I have 7 friends, or friends family members who have survived breast cancer. Not without some suffering, and/or loss. I also know 3, who did not survive. My good friend Lynn Main has seen both spectrums. Her mom survived breast cancer in the days (25 years ago) when it was almost impossible to survive. She underwent the most horrific treatments and she still survives today. She is in her 90’s. But sadly, in the spring, Lynns’ young daughter-in-law died from Breast Cancer, leaving behind her husband and two young children. My Aunt Sherry fought for 4 years, and lost her battle just over a year ago. But, so many do survive. My first time participating in the Run for the Cure, most participants in the run wore white T-shirts, with pink ribbon logos. But so many wore bright pink shirts, and I didn’t make the connection until the opening ceremonies, when it was announced that the men and women in bright pink are indeed SURVIVORS of Breast Cancer.. I was immediately filled with hope for the future of my friends, my self, and my daughters. How lucky are we, that the odds are shifting to surviving this cancer. My mind goes to Lynn Winter’s sister, who has recently survived treatments and is cancer free. Jane Bustin, Sandra Cathcart, Anne Clinch, and Cindy Benton who are all leading normal lives after being cancer free for a couple of years. But not without hard work, research and money. This is why the RUN FOR THE CURE is so dear to me. Breast Cancer affects every one of us. Men, women and children, all over the world. I participate every year, to help raise money to further research. You can’t help but be overwhelmed with the hope, the joy when your there, and the gratitude to all the people who participate and the people like you who support those that do participate.
This year, my cousin Sandra and I made a pact to participate every year. A personal goal, to get in better shape, to stay in great shape, and raise the bar each year. We will walk/run this year, and next year, we are going to Fredericton, to run it with my sister (who’s been a real inspiration to me in her running efforts).
Check out my Run for the Cure website page if you would like to donate on line to support Sandra and I. If you are not comfortable to donate on line, I will have a pledge sheet at work. This years’ run is on Sept 30th, and if you would like me to write the names of anyone on their wall of Hope, just let me know. I will be happy and proud to.


papermemories said...

Hi Donna,
I am sending in cards for you to sell at work to raise money for your cause. I am proud to be able to help you.

I'd love it if you'd sign my "grandmother's" name, Irma Maxwell to the wall...she is a survivor!

Grace said...

Hey Aunt Donna, I'm definitly sending up 15$ for you or I can just give it to you when you get here : ) good luck with your fundraising

Grace xo

ancient one said...

Hi Donna,

I admire people who participate in good causes such as this.


ancient one said...

Hey... something is different with your blog right now... I tried to send this comment to you, but it came right back to me... You were talking about my impatiens and your beans... and this is my reply:

"And right now my bean vines are so full of blooms and I have one stalk of
beans that are almost mature... I'm hoping for a very late frost or freeze so
maybe I can be as lucky as Janie from Texas and pick a bushel basket of dried
beans and send some to all who have asked for some... "

Anonymous said...

Hey Donna- I'll be thinking of you as you run/walk this weekend. Wishing you and Sandra all the best!

aclinch said...

Good luck in your run today.

All the best


Andrew and Anne.