Thursday, September 13, 2007

A week to Celebrate!!!!

Well, if it wasn't exciting enough this weekend, with Terry's Hole in One .... we have a couple more things to celebrate. Terry's dad, Frank, has been battling Hodgkin's Disease for the past 9 months and this Monday just past, was his last chemo treatment. That is a huge celebration, and we are so excited to have them over. Now Frank can rest, and concentrate on getting stronger and getting better. And what a week he has had. To make the week even more exciting.... Frank was honoured at a ceremony in Ottawa, and received the Highest award that the Corps of Commissionaires awards to it's members. Here is what was read preceding the presentation of his medal by General Paul D. Manson (Ret'd) :

Commissionaires Meritorious Service Medal

Commissionaire Frank Peters

After serving for 21 years in the Canadian Forces, Cmre Peters joined Commissionaires Ottawa in April 1997. He was assigned to Health Canada in 2000 and while there, he earned the appreciation of client staff for his kindness and consideration in looking after their safety.

Late one winter evening, while escorting a female employee to her car, Cmre Peters witnessed three men assaulting another man, kicking him as he lay on the ground. Cmre Peters approached the men and challenged them, risking attack himself. Fortunately, the attackers fled. Cmre Peters then administered First Aid to the victim and called the authorities.

Cmre Peters intervened in a potentially dangerous situation in which he was outnumbered and put himself at serious risk. In doing so however, he saved the victim from serious injury or possible death. In recognition of his bravery, Cmre Peters has been awarded the Commissionaire Distinguished Service Medal, which is presented to him "in recognition of meritorious service above and beyond the faithful performance of duty, which involves an element of bravery or of personal risk".

Congratulations Frank, you deserve it, because on that night, you truly didn't give your safety one thought.... you thought of the poor young man, who was down on the ground, and was helpless against three thugs. We love you Frank...

Terry's beautiful sister Kelly, her amazing hubby, James, their two sweetheart daughters Aubrey and Gillian, as well as Franks wonderful wife Marie were all at the ceremonies. How lucky they were and I wish we could have been there too.


cpm said...

Wow! What an honour! And what a wonderful man... So brave and selfless!

ancient one said...

Congrats on the honor and the end of chemo!!

papermemories said...

Yeah for Frank! He's had a very exciting week!

Anonymous said...

Terry's Beautiful Sister!!?? What ye been drinkin'!? Nice Bloggedly Blog Daaaaana... luv Albert