Friday, September 28, 2007

The time has come

Ok, everyone is sick of my Breast Cancer Blog. But I do have a couple of comments to make on that subject before I move on!
Thank you so much to EVERYONE who donated money, online and in person. I am so touched by , encouraged by and proud of the kindness of the people in my circle. I have raised with everyone's generosity over $650 dollars towards the fight. Sandra is a little shy, and very swamped with her full life, so I have shared some of my donations with her, so she can get her numbers up. I am sure my friends won't mind and it give Sandra a good kick start to raise money for next year.
Moving on, but same subject... Sandra will be arriving her this evening and we will spend our evening getting caught up on all the family happenings. Tomorrow, we will spend the day cruising the valley, and maybe picking up some produce (apples, potatoes and pumpkins) for her to take back since she lives in a city where that kind of stuff isn't on every road side or corner, like it is here in the valley. There is a craft fair in Middleton which is the most amazing event of the fall so we may do that. Wheatons, for lunch, for sure...that's a given. Early Sunday morning we will make the 2 hour trip to the city for our long awaited Run for the Cure. Think of us at 10 am on Sunday morning, as we wait as the start line.... hand in hand... ready to burst forward with all the runners... hee hee. That is funnier than you can know. We are not runners, but we will start with it, for sure. Next year..... we will run the full 5k, but this year... we will do what we can!
My garden is dying off. We were overrun with cherry tomatoes, and I will pick them until the frost. But we are getting a bit tired of them. My beans are dying out and drying up. I will post pictures later, as my camera is on the missing list right at the moment, but I know where it is. I just can't get to it for a bit.

Stay tuned for pics from the Run on Sunday, and any other fun thing I may come across this weekend!!!

Thanks again to all of you for your support...


Anonymous said...

ohhhh, I wish I could have some of the cherry tomatoes..... save me some. Good luck with the run. I'm running at 2pm in Fredericton...Gail

Anonymous said...

Good luck to you and Sandra. I am looking forward to getting together with you on Monday night and hearing all of your funny and emotional stories - I am sure there will be many of both!!

cpm said...

I'm so proud of you and "your" Sandra for taking part in the Run for a Cure! Way to go!