Tuesday, October 2, 2007

47 minutes..... base line

We did it. The Run for the Cure.... fun and amazing experience. The morning started off at 7 am when we left for Halifax in two separate cars because Sandra would leave from Halifax to go back to Moncton, in a completely different direction from my place. But that was ok, as we spent the entire weekend together, solving all the problems of the world, between lunch at Wheatons, The Middleton Craft Fair and three visits with dad.

Once we arrived at the commons, we were quickly through the registration line to pick up our shirts and turn in our pledge sheets. Between us, we raised $742 dollars. Thank you to everyone, again, who supported us. I signed the wall of Hope for Jill's grandmother, and Jane Bustin, both inspirations and survivors. I signed the wall for my Aunt Sherry and Lynn's daughter in Law, Judy, In memory.
It was amazing to walk through the crowds of people and teams of people who were participating. The team names (you can have a team name if you have 10 or more on a team) were amazing.
They say there were over 8000 people there, and I believe it. Sandra and I started off about 500 people from the front, and when we hit the 1 km mark, we met the last few hundred people just coming out of the start position. Which means, there was over a kilometer of people behind us, and as far as I could see ahead of us. We started off with the runners, and we walked/ran for the entire 5 k and completed the run in 47 minutes. This is our baseline for all our future marathons!

When you put women in charge... it's amazing what can happen. We will win this battle with Breast Cancer, how can we not. Look at the crowds. If this went on everywhere, how can we lose.!!!


papermemories said...

So awesome, Donna...thank you for adding my grandmother's name. From the one experience I had with Relay for Life, I can only imagine what the Run for the Cure was like for you and Sandra. Well done!


cpm said...

Congrats to you and "your" Sandra!
Thanks to people like you who raise money for such amazing causes. They will find a cure!

ancient one said...

Great job Donna!!

ancient one said...


You've been tagged for a meme... come play with us...


Emele said...

This is great info to know.