Sunday, October 14, 2007

I was Tagged

8 Things That Make Me, Me

Ann has tagged me for the Random 8 Meme. According to Michele, here are The Rules:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
3. Tag eight people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

8 Things That Make Me,Me:

1. I am the middle child…. I have one older sister whom I thank God for very often. I can’t imagine not having a sister, although I have a few friends who don’t and they are ok with it! I have a younger brother who taught me how different boys are from girls. He has taught me patience and tolerance, to accept people for who they are, and to not believe everything you hear (not sure if that’s a good trait or not).

2 I am a wife (of 26 years) to a very patience man, and mom to 2 daughters whom I love beyond belief. I have a mothering type personality, so my mothering skills are perfect to work in an elementary school with lots of kids and staff who need mothering!

3 I love animals of all kinds and wanted to work with animals as a kid but was afraid to see any die, so I decided not to be a vet or zoo keeper. I wouldn’t even volunteer at any shelters because of that. Somehow I think that’s a character trait that has stuck with me because I can’t watch sad ending movies either (Terms of Endearment type)

4 My mom died when I was 33 and I miss her everyday still. I always imagine what she would think of things, or how she would like this event or that event. I am so sad that my kids didn’t have much time with her. She was such a hoot.

5 I have two very strange talents! I can write fluently backwards as neatly and quickly has I can write the proper way. I have always had this talent, and was surprised when I learned it was a talent and not something everyone can do. My other talent was learned… I can unsnap a bra in less than 1 sec. This was the fun thing to do when you were a young teen in the early 70’s. I was very good at it, and now that I work with a staff of over 50 women (with good senses of humor) it’s a great talent to have to lighten up a room!

6 I feel friends are the most important part of existing. I think about how lonely life would be without friends, and I say a little prayer each day, truly, for my friends. I have grown up in a military life, married into one and live in a military community. I have had so many friends leave, or I have left. Maybe this is why I treasure the ones I have now. Its really fun to include my two daughters and Terry on my list of friends because I know they won’t move away and even if they do, they will keep in touch. Blogging & Facebook (yes, I have given in to face) also allows me to keep in touch with those who I don’t see often. One of my “ah ha” moments in my life (quoting Oprah now) is when Terry retired from the military and we decided this was our home forever. I looked at my friends and knew I would grow old with these people. That was an amazing feeling. Still is actually.

7 I hate spiders but can’t bring myself to kill them, cause they are mothers too.

8 I love gardening, and do well at it, but I really am terrible with houseplants.

I am not nearly as "deep" as other people's "Me..Me's" but thats me I guess. Straight from the hip.

OK I am tagging a few, maybe not 8, and you don't need to do this you eight friends of mine, but it's kind of fun to learn more about each other..... so

Jilly Bean







Debbie... if you blogged, I would tag you too!!!!

ok, done. Thanks Ann, for the fun tag. I have never had one of these tags and now I don't have to do another one. I can sit back and read those who chose to participate!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Donna - Really enjoyed reading this blog and learning more about you. Am also glad that I don't blog because I couldn't stand the pressure of being tagged and trying to write as eloquently as you do!

ancient one said...

Hey Donna,

Thanks so much for playing along. The one I just did was my first one too. I've enjoyed reading yours.

I had to laugh when you said spiders are mothers too. I don't think like that, but as long as they leave me alone I usually leave them be. I do knock down the webs sometimes but don't try to kill them. And I can pick up the Granddaddy long legs by a leg and put them back outside.

Now, we must remember to save these. I saw one blogger who said I've done this before ... go here and read it....I thought that was smart...LOL