Saturday, October 20, 2007


I think I have said that before..... but it is really true. For me, Saturdays are a gift. I usually leave my Saturdays for things I need to do. Its a morning I can sleep in, although, I don't sleep in much, but it is so nice to NOT have to get up at 6am. I can wake up at 6:30, toss and turn, think about what I should and need to do, dose off, wake up and its 7:30.
I made a list of a ton of things to do today, and I bet I will get about half done! But that's ok too. I woke up this morning and decided to clean up stuff. I mean, deep (under and behind) cleaning. My ugly laundry room had a flood yesterday due to a dry sheet getting stuck where it doesn't belong (& a blind father doing his own laundry, bless his heart). Terry mopped up what he could at noon hour yesterday but this morning I migrated down the stairs with all the laundry (remember...deep cleaning), sheets, towels, shower curtains, dish cloths, bath mats, jackets hanging on door knobs (mostly mine) etc.

My laundry room is now piled with laundry, but all the brooms, mops, dustpans, empty laundry bottles, old mops heads, plastic containers etc are all where they are suppose to be. The "temporary" junk that ends up on the floor in front of the shelving, is now shelved. The kitty litters are emptied, cleaned out and replenished (remember the flood... ok, everything was soaked including the kitty litter pans) The floors are javexed and hand dried and the freezer is piled with all my sorted dirty laundry, all lined up for its particular turn. Now that was a good job done!

This afternoon, Grape Jelly (2 batches). My neighbour Howard has grapes growing through his trees in the back yard and brought me over a grocery bag full of concords. So, on Thursday night while chatting on the phone with Debbie, I boiled them down into juice, and today..... Grape Jelly!!!

Also, this afternoon, Cabbage Rolls. Well, the new healthier version of them. Actually, I think my Cabbage Rolls are very healthy to start with, but now we need to watch the sodium content besides the usual sugar & fat. Ugh. Well, canned tomato anything is amazingly high in sodium so we are now looking at the "no salt added" stuff. Should be kind of interesting and we will see how they turn out. Usually when I make cabbage rolls, its a good time to make a nice chicken & cabbage soup that i like to take to school for lunches, so that is on the list and I use the centers of the cabbage (cause the leaves are too small to make MAN size cabbage rolls out of).

I love this picture.....
I took it with Joan's swanky camera during our Thanksgiving Golf Walk and Talk, and I had to lean over a river bank over hang, and I tried to get the river. But the fancy camera had some sort of auto focus thing happenin' and this is what I ended up with. Pretty cool, I think. This was the same day, same camera. So simple


cpm said...

good grief...I'm tired just reading your blog! You've been very productive!!! Good for you!
I love Saturdays too! :-)

Jill MacDonald said...

God, I got NOTHING done I am feeling guilty!

Scott said...

Great pictures! I had to add the one of the Valley road to my iPhoto library.

ancient one said...

You sure do get a lot of things done. Your pictures are pretty!! And the grape jelly looks good.