Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What an amazing fall day

Warm, sunny... the leaves are breathtaking!. Dad and I drove to Kentville yesterday for Dad's bi-annual eye appt with Dr. Scott. I think the day was THE most perfect day for a drive through the Annapolis Valley. I have never seen the leaves so vibrant and full. BUT alas, the rains are coming and the leaves will be down soon. I will cherish yesterday's drive in my mind.

Sonny is much better, and wobbles just slightly as he walks. He has graduated to being let outside again, but he doesn't wander far. I am glad of that, I wouldn't want the neighbours to talk....drunk cat walking down the road, and everyone knows where he lives.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! Hurray for Sonny!!!

ancient one said...

Wow, your picture is breath taking... Thanks for sharing!!... Yes, we must trade some seeds this winter...~Ann