Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fabo Fall day

The Jelly is made. Thanks to Debbie's recipe which I called her at least 3 times over the past week to discuss, and then didn't have it on Saturday and thank heavens, I went with my memory (which I don't usually trust). On Thursday I turned the grapes from my neighbour into juice and then on Saturday turned all of the juice to Jelly. I made two patches but one set better than the other. Weird... I used everything exactly the same and it was 30 minutes between batches!!! Oh well. Grapes... Concord..basically growing wild and organic.... very tart!!
Mashed and boiling for 10 minutes
In the cheese cloth (couldn't find the jelly bags, Debbie, so the cheese cloth was fine)
The Jelly
(well, not all of it, I have already brought two jars to Howard... the owner of the vines)

The Leaves.... they are amazing to look at, I can't tell you how much I love all the colors.
BUT.... Terry has a whole different view of them.
Even the cats seem a bit disgusted with the constant leave litter in the yard.This is after the first raking, this morning (while I was at church). Dad took great pleasure in announcing to Terry, every time a new leaf fell on his freshly raked lawn. Dad and Terry have different theories on when to rake (you know, after the last leave has fallen, or several times during the falling season, to lighten the load).
Well, that's my Sunday Blog. I am trying to blog daily, to keep up with Stephanie. So tomorrow, I will have some garden pictures.... yes, the last ones of the season.... I will give you a hint, I whole lot of **nothing** goin' on in garden.


cpm said...

I love all your pictures! and I love Fall! sadly most of my beautiful colourful leaves were blown off with all this wind we've had lately! It was good while it lasted!

Anonymous said...

Beau-ti-ful!!! Always a chuckle or two in your blogs sweetheart.. thanks Terry and Molly look like they're ready to do battle against the horrid leaves! Albert in Ottawa

ancient one said...

Your leaves are beautiful. My husband does some raking around here. Most of the leaves are picked up with the grass catcher and lawn mower. So much faster!!