Thursday, October 11, 2007

Its been so long... I forgot my password!!

Well, its been the busiest two weeks I have had in a while.

Thanksgiving has come and gone.... I think Thanksgiving is my favorite long weekend of the year. I get it all..... I get to have my kids home from schools far away, along with their boyfriends.... I don't have to buy Xmas gifts, wrap, mail or hid them. I don't have to do much decorating, or much cooking either really. Although there was a whole bunch of eating going on.

Christmas is great too, but not as great as Thanksgiving.

So, highlights.... Stephanie and Sean, Michelle and Scott, Terry's mom Joan, Terry and I, and Grampa... sitting around... drinking coffee/tea, just visiting. Just chillin', playing with the dog and cats.

Michelle dyed Stephanie's hair Burgundy, and Joan's hair Ash brown. She plucked Stephanie's brows into happy brows and those pretty brows came into play more than once during our highly non competitive-turned competitive games of dice. Both Stephanie and Sean each won (our most non competitive players...darn). Jill.... Sean figured out a theory... if you take 300 each time, it would take you 33 turns to get to 10,000. Now he came up with this theory, but he didn't follow it because lady luck dealt him too many BIG rolls.... but Joan, who didn't quite understand the game...tested the theory quite a big, and of course LOST!!!! What a hoot.... yes, Chantal, I will teach you the game....

Dad has fully recovered from his little setback and his short hospital stay. We now all understand the importance of "water pills" and we are now looking closely at the sodium in our lives... which is sinful how much of that little "additive" is in things. Terry and I hit the grocery store last night with our glasses on (for reading teeny tiny labels) and we were shocked and amazed at how we are even alive, the amount of sodium in things. Anyway, we have turned over a new leaf and are trying to live a low sodium life. ugh.
How cute is Pika. Terry's mom Joan, has a fairly nasty cat named Missy, and therefore, she is constantly amazed at how docile and friendly my two cats are. She constantly takes their pictures, and I am glad she does. We are so use to their weird quirks, that we forget their weird! Its a good thing I have an excess of empty bowls in the house. Sonny still has his favorite bowl spot, but this weekend when Scott (his best friend) was home, he tried in vain to sleep with him, but found he couldn't get Scott's bedroom door open ;) .... so he had to sleep with Sean instead.

My beans are drying up outside, and that makes me happy and sad at the same time. Its the end of a fun summer of growing things, but I love harvesting my bright purple seeds to share with others and grow myself. I had pics of the beans all drying on the vine, but I am in the middle of transferring cameras and seem to have lost them. And now they are picked!!!

We had our last fire of the season on Saturday night with 10 of us around the pit. The fire was awesome and the stories were even funner. (not good english.... I know). Terry took the firebowl off its pretty stand, and sat it low on the ground because our feet were getting cold. But lowering the firebowl didn't help my freezing arms, back and butt. The fall is upon us here in the eastern provinces and we all shivered into the house around midnight and decided that was the last one of the year. My houseplants have to come in this weekend and I am bringing them all back to work. I actually miss them there, so its nice to know they will be there next week!

I keep thinking I have picked the last of my tomatoes but they just keep on ripening. We have had two frosts so far and I haven't covered them or anything and they still keep coming. I may have to bring them to work, as we are sort of getting a bit tired of them. Although they are low in sodium!!!
What would Thanksgiving be without tons of food. We had a nice turkey supper on Sunday with red potatoes, two veggies (can't remember what they were!!!) and three kinds of pie. Imagine. Joan made them, cause baby.... I don't make pie. This is my first Thanksgiving in a few years that didn't have Corey with us... because of SUNDAY SHOPPING... which I am sooooo against. He had to work until 6:30, but I was there at the door of the store to get him and bring him a nice big plate of supper and two desserts!! Pie choices were..... Pecan (my fav), Apple and Coconut Cream Pie!!! No pictures, who has time to take pictures of food!!!

So.. that was my weekend. The week has flown by with a wonderful catchup scrapbooking night with Debbie. She gave me an amazing cookbook called For the Breast of Friends which was put together by a group of friends who are supporting each other through some tough times and bouts with breast cancer. The recipes are amazing and I have tagged 8 (must tries) so far, and I am not past the first 2 sections! She also gave me a pink ribbon workout towel, for all the sweating I do, while working out. Ok, I have to work on the sweating part!. thank you Debbie, and I miss you so much, and I hate that you are enjoying your new school!!!!! But happy that you are happy. ugh!

School.... nothing exciting this week.... screaming (in anger)kids (ok, just one kid) but for 2 hours straight!!, also a tiny little sweetie who just can't behave... who fell fast asleep on the detention bench (sitting up)..., two kids with several LIVE Lice in their hair, and a 911 call today for a fall off the monkey bars. That's about it, I think.

So, I sign off, but stay tuned. I have been tagged..... I just learned. I am not sure how to work that, but I will figure it out and complete my end of the tag!!!


mickermoodles said...

lol my engagement didn't make the blog?

dp said...

you are totally write. It deserves its own blog. Can I have your pictures?

Jill MacDonald said...

SO great to hear about things...I have been patiently waiting for a blog update and this one did not disappoint.