Saturday, October 27, 2007

ETCHING...with Twila

Here it is .... Saturday... my favorite day of the week.!
Today I was artsie with Robin. We attended an "Etching" class with Twila Robar-DeCoste . She is a pretty amazing artist, with a very quaint home in Aylesford just seconds from exit 16. There were 4 of us as students.. One gentleman, Howard or Harold, I can't remember and another very quiet woman named Julianne (I think, ugh). The gentleman arrived with a box of supplies, while Robin and I arrived with nothing. We weren't aware of needing supplies and as it turns out, he was just a big ole keener!!! Twila provided us with all our supplies (and a cup of tea and sweets) and we had a lovely afternoon, in an amazingly adorable house. If you go to her website, you will see a lovely painting she did of her home. I would include it on my blog, but it is copyrighted, so I can't. You'll have to go visit her site to see it.

This is Robin working on her vase. It has an Iris on the front. It is pretty cool to do, and the hardest part is the cutting on the glass. But that comes with practice. That's the part that requires "talent".
Our Keener Gentleman friend did a vase at first but then he brought his own glass, his own "bluenose" pattern and he did this as his second piece.... gheesh... keener!
I did some Holly Leaves on a green square vase.... This is the acid compound you put on your glass once you cut out your design and have it on the glass in a negative form. My vase is cute, and I did two holly patterns, one on each side of the vase. The picture doesn't do it much justice. It turned out pretty sweet....


mickermoodles said...

It looks soooo cool mom! You are so crafty, grandma would have LOVED it!

cpm said...

You have so many hidden talents!! Love what you created!

ancient one said...