Saturday, November 24, 2007

Here I sit... blurry eyed and fuzzy brained!!!

The rest of the family is having seconds of Terry's yummy homemade chicken soup.... and I sit in quiet... clearing my head. My sister in law, Kim is on her way from the city to spend the night in the valley and we are waiting for her arrival before we have dessert (Chocolate Birthday cake and Ice Cream).

Today was a very long awaited day of friends, stampin, crafts and good food. We arrived at 8:30 at the NSCC to tables all set and ready for us to learn and create....

and they made us little bags to take all our goodies we make as we move along from one table to the other... and to take our goodies home.I have to go... cause my sister in law has arrived.... I will finish this tonight... stay tuned!

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cpm said...

Ugh! Way to leave me hanging!!! Hurry Up! hee!hee!