Saturday, November 24, 2007

Part 2 - more blurry eyed and fuzzy brained

Now I am sneaking to blog... cause I know Chantal is waiting. My in-laws are upstairs folding boxes... yes boxes. We learned how to make origami boxes so now we are dreaming up all kinds of ideas on what to do with them!!!

Today, we started our day with a Holiday organizer... it was so fun and Jill was our teacher, which made it even more fun. Joan sat beside me, and was so excited and ready to buy every stamp that there is, and all kinds of paper to go into busy making these... She slowed down on her enthusiasm later on in the day...
Our next craft was a see through card "Joy".... it was really cool and I was starting to get scary vibes from the teachers at the table... feeling there thoughts turn to my "overhead" drawer in the fax room. Hee hee
Our third and last craft before lunch was our tag holder and 6 lovely tags... We used the most incredible "rolling" rubber stamp thingie that had the ink built right into it!!!! it was WOWsie according to everyone at our table. Lunch was sooo yummy. Make your own sandwiches with every kind of meat, cheese, veggies, dips, CHIPSSSS, yum.... and sweets to die for. We munched and chatted for a bit and then back to work. The afternoon buzzed by with three more crafts.... the paper box, three awesome xmas cards and a glass ball with a floating tree in the middle!

OK, they found me... so now I have go, but I am ending this blog with a pic of all our crafts....

Jill's sister and mom, Sara and Betty shared our table
Taryn, a fellow blogger, and Evelyne were table mates as well

Mary and Leslie, fellow Xmas card makers, were at the table beside us.
Thank you so much, to Myleta and all her elves for the amazing amount of work they did. The day was so fun, amazing, relaxing and amazing!!! oh, I said that already!! It was so fun to learn some new things, use very cool supplies, and meet some really nice people too.


cpm said...

AHHH! AMAZING!!! I love all the projects! You all looked like you were having s much fun! You better have missed me! lol!
Wild horses couldn't keep me away from the May extravaganza!!!

cpm said...

I lvoe Cricket's expressions! Priceless!