Sunday, November 4, 2007

Its been one of those weeks...

The new look of my blog is because I am getting sick of my old one. Also, I had to take the Xmas Tree off, as it was driving me crazy!! A new feature, though, is my sister, Gail, is now a blogger. Amazing how fast it is catching on. Anyway, if you love quilting or kids, I am sure you will find lots to interest you on her blog.
Between Halloween and busy work, crazy evenings, the time has just flown by. I have a few bits of news...

That was quite a storm. Terry, my resident weather watcher, tracked the storm for the past 6 days and knew exactly when it was going to hit and where would be hit the worst. So it was no surprise that we were hit in the night with more wind than rain and that New Brunswick got hit way more than they were expecting. Almost half of our community is without power and in predictable form, the Power Company is not promising when power will be restored to the 100,000 people in Nova Scotia without it. My home is one of the lucky areas that has power. church, this morning, was full of stories from the kids on who has power, and who doesn't. What blew away, and where they found things!! One family lost their portable garage down the street somewhere, but gained a very large trampoline. The kids thought that was a fair trade!!

I am the third on a list from which the Security Company that monitors our school calls. At 3:21am I was on my way to our school as the alarm had been set off... in the hallway of our school. The first two on the list did not respond to the phone call.... caller id? or power outage... who knows but when I arrived at the school (in my PJ's)at 3:35am, I sat for 50 minutes in my car waiting for the RCMP that were also called. The power was out all over the community, and the winds were pretty strong. It was absolutely amazing to see the trees bending and swirling in every direction. At 4:15am, I decided to drive around the building to see if any windows were broke by limbs. I was totally sure there was no fowl play here, as the weather was too crazy for even the most desperate thief but because I didn't have a flashlight, I wasn't really comfortable going into the dark building on my own. As I drove around the back and then west side of the building, I slowed down to look down the hallway to see if I could possibly see any damage. All I saw was the firedoors in the hall slammed shut. and then the light came on.... Of course, when the power goes out, the magnets that hold the firedoors open, will let go of the doors, and the motion of that would set off all kinds of alarms as we have probably 12 sets of those doors... Arg... So I drove home, having never seen the police, and I didn't even call the alarm company. Ugh... I was really glad we turned the clocks back and I got to reclaim that extra hour of sleep this morning.

I did a really neat thing yesterday. I was clicking around on my MSN page and remembered that I use to have a "My Space" that I wrote in for about 6 months in 2005. I had forgotten about it and once I started blogging, I never gave My Space another thought. I searched it out and found 6 months of writing, so I decided I would like to archive it as it talked about a few really heartwarming things that I had forgotten about. So I copied and pasted my 6 months of space blogs into a word document and now have them archived. So now if My Space ever gets deleted, I have a few memories of Xmas 2005, and a few other memorable moments from that year!

Halloween was very quiet here on our street. I had treat bags ready for my 6 favorite little visitors filled with toys and treats, plus a couple of buckets of goodies for the regular trick or treaters. My first visitors were my special neighbours, Dustyn and Patrick and later, my Miss Ashley. But as the evening wore on, my nagging headache (a side affect of my Flu Shot) developed into a pounding cannonball and I had to lay down. Therefore, I missed my three Gillespie Girls and Terry didn't recognise them, so their treatbags are still here on my table. I will search them out at school on Monday.
Even though my house is full of fall decorations, I spent Saturday afternoon, sorting and wrapping Xmas gifts. Terry leaves for Ontario on Wednesday and what a great opportunity to get gifts to the family there. Not only will he bring Xmas gifts to family, but in his stops along the way, he will be delivering a coat rack to Stephanie in Fredericton, that I dug out of the "Big Garbage" day here. Her little apt has no front closet, but a nice corner for a tall coat rack. He will be delivering a box of juice bags for my sisters sewing projects, also a few bags of apples for my aunt in Quebec city.

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cpm said...

The new look threw me for a loop but I like it! I love reading your are such a great writer...hmmm should have thought of that when you rooked me in to write that blurb on Pink Day for the sneaky little thing!!! lol!
P.S. Your fall display is so cute!