Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Today.... a better day

My normal day...... at school.

*I gave out "one" sock (from my secret stash of emergency socks) to a little girl who lost ONE sock in gym. I offered her two, (what am I going to do with one leftover sock) but she said she really liked her one sock that she owned and only needed to have ONE replacement sock (for her bare foot).

*I got to put in one full french braid in my "regular" visitor (after doing her daily lice check) and we played our daily guessing game using an elastic from the bowl of elastics I bought (just for this one little girl). They sit beside the box of shortbread (& bran) cookies I bought for our tea break in the afternoon. But now its tradition that she gets a cookie after her daily "hair-do". Getting to put in a full french braid in this wiggly 6 year old girl's hair (which is always full of knots), is truly an accomplishment because on a good day, I get to put a ponytail in her hair. TODAY... a full french braid.

*I sat at noon and listened to a 7 year old boy grumbling under his breath that he was going to sue his teacher! That sent me into giggles. He repeated it at least 10 times and a bit louder each time. Its a sad thing for him that all the staff in our office know not to react to that kind of behaviour, so he didn't get any satisfaction.

*I assisted in the repair of a bent pair of glasses that have been bent up on a daily basis since the start of school. Our principal, Mike, has a soft spot for this little primary boy who has the personality of one of those little old men who sit around and talk about the weather and the price of hogs. His hair is as white/blonde as snow and his eyes are as blue as a summer sky. He tells you his name in three big long words (including his important middle name-cause its the same as his grandfathers name). He is a pleasure to listen to, and he totally can't keep a pair of glasses on his face. When we see him coming down with his poor glasses, we all break out into smiles, and he totally bypasses the office and goes directly into the principal's office. Our principal ALWAYS stops what he's doing, be it discipline, parent meetings, phone calls or just plain "principal work" to help Austin! He marches out to my desk and retrieves my pliers to bring in, and before we know it, they are fixed. Mind you, a few pairs have ended up going home in pieces all lovely bundled up in an envelope.

There isn't a day that doesn't go by, that we don't have a chuckle... and today was no exception. I got a couple of really good hugs today too!!!

On yea, and I did two bank reconciliations, ordered supplies, started an excel spreadsheet for Global funding and a bunch of filing.


Michelle is getting ready for the big BURMAC weekend. Its a rival hockey (and more)event that happens between two rival houses at St. FX. Burke (Michelle and Scotts residence) and MAC which is the rival house.!!! Michelle is getting all her frosh fired up and has made a nice poster to get them going! Can you tell she wants to be a teacher!!! She also had her interview today to become a big sister. I think she will make a great "big" sister, cause she learned from the best - her own big sister!

STEPHANIE keeps us all updated in her daily blog. She is working towards graduation and holding down one job for now, and hoping for another job with UNB archeology dept. She is wrestling with student loan people and keeping up strength in her quest for less "points" in the Weight Watcher came. She makes me tired just thinking of all the stuff she is juggling. But like most people... the more you have on your plate, the more you can handle.!!!

My first sleep without Sonny by my side was not as good as I thought, but the tears have stopped and I feel ok, so I am hoping tonight will be a good night sleep!!! Thanks for all the kind words and hugs today.


SAM said...

I am soo sorry to hear about your kitty.... I know how much you love animals !!!

I am glad you had such an entertaining day at school. Kids always make everything better don't they!!?? They have such a simple ( most times better) look on life which helps us to slow down and smile!! Love your entry, I laughed outloud!!!

GailM. said...

Those kid stories crack me up... You should write a book.

cpm said...

Oh Gail...she really should write a book...the problem is she's too damn PICKY about the "journals" she can write in!!! DO you remember that Donna!! Good grief! lol! What was up with today??! NO WARNING!!! Que pasa???????????????